one week of simon

Our Simon is hairy. He has sort of a downy fur on his back and the backs of his arms. He even has sideburns! It’s one of my gajillion favorite things about him.

Happy one week birthday, my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful son.


You’re home now, and we’re Home too.




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13 responses to “one week of simon

  1. toshalot

    he’s beautiful! love to you all 🙂

  2. Perfection. I am in love with him. Congratulations, momma.

  3. sonjey

    OMG! What beautiful pictures! Can’t wait……. He looks more like a month old in that last shot!

  4. Mere

    He’s beautiful! How is Jonah taking to big brotherhood? Hope everything is going well!

  5. Caitlin

    Those pictures made me smile. He’s so big already. Hope you all are settling in well, esp big brother.

  6. Sarah

    It’s official that you two make gorgeous babies. Congrats!

  7. Mira

    Aw, he’s really cute!

  8. yael

    Thanks, everyone! And Jonah really is a great big brother (even if he doesn’t know how gentle to be with Simon)…

    • Elizabeth

      This might not work for Jonah (year younger and a boy) but we showed Vivian the Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure movie. There was a glass ball that was very fragile that Tinkerbell had to be careful with. Of course she broke it, but Viv understood fragile and gentle after watching it. It got to the point that whenever someone approached Lachlan she’d tell them “you have to be gentle – he’s fragile.”

      • yael

        Good idea… although I agree that as a boy and 2 year old, he might not get it yet. We have yet to be able to convince him to watch a whole movie!

  9. My first was super hairy with dark hair on his ears like a wolf. I loved every single one of those hairs so much that I started gently rubbing his ears in awe of the perfection while he nursed. It turned into “our thing” to get him to calm down. 10 years later he will rub his own ears when he is trying to relax (usually when he thinks no one is looking). I guess I loved it so much I rubbed all the hair off eventually. I was in love with all that dark hair. Your Simon is beautiful/handsome/perfectly hairy. Congratulations!

    • yael

      That’s really sweet… it is sometimes bittersweet when that new hair falls out! I should remember to save a lock this time (Jonah’s was dark at first too).

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