Still pregnant!

We all managed to get out today and enjoy the beautiful weather. The Ikea couch (sofa) took about 6 hours yesterday of assembly and a lot of whiskey consumed by Bryan. Everyone was ready for the new dawn.

Also my mom and Jonah made some goldfish cupcakes from Hello, Cupcake! while wearing Aunt Janelle’s hand-made aprons. Jonah enjoyed the part where you eat the ingredients. Most importantly, look at all the crazy American treats my mom brought!


Also, we have been receiving very nice packages lately- timed with almost-new baby and Jonah’s 2nd birthday. I could write about each thing somebody sends and how perfect and generous and thoughtful it is, but instead as a PSA I will just mention this little item which I used tonight – courtesy of Summer because she knows I absolutely refuse to eat corn directly off the cob with my teeth, and always cut it off first. Happy BBQ season!



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5 responses to “uh-uh

  1. summer

    I always think to myself when I see them at the store, “Who on earth buys Circus Peanuts? They are disgusting.” And now I know.

  2. We have that same corn cutter too!

  3. Bonnie (A Richmond Girl)

    So Ethan hates corn on the cob, (I love it), got him one of these stripper things (thanks to you / your site – I swear you should be getting royalties), and now we get to add this back to the menu! hooray!

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