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I realized that there may be a few people who think if I haven’t blogged, it’s because I am busy having a baby. Not so much. 4 days past due is not so abnormal and so far the day is fairly typical – typical for a crippled hippo. Which means I never left the flat although I possibly would have rather been elsewhere today:

  • at our friends’ wedding in Wales (the one time I could have worn a freakin’ fascinator…)
  • at our friends’ 4th of July bbq
  • at London’s Gay Pride parade
  • at the women’s finals at Wimbledon (cause you know, I am sure I could have gotten tickets)
  • at all the crazy July sales at every single store in the city
  • the Wireless Festival at Hyde Park (come on Ke$ha, Chromeo and Chemical Brothers! Or not)
I’m actually going to blame Ikea and their sofa delivery service. Did you know no one in the UK calls it a “couch”? It’s a sofa. It’s so hard to keep up with these things.
But since I relegated myself to the flat today, I should take the opportunity to say how much we love it here. I still have to pinch myself that life is so much easier in this flat. There is a lift! Everything seems new! The landlord isn’t mean! And coincidentally, the doctor that delivered Jonah lives on the 1st floor. So convenient! And I really, really, really love the views. Below is looking out our bedroom window. I could have waited for a sunny moment to snap a pic, but never mind. What I love is seeing the BT Tower. Yes, a much-derided London landmark, but a landmark all the same. I love that it’s there and at night there is a scrolling Olympic countdown. I love that the buildings to me look Dickensian. I love that that seems like such an American thing to say since the neighborhood is actually posh. I love that in London you can always see the sky. There it is. The sky.
My mom arrived on Wednesday for a month-long visit to help with new baby and 2 year-old toddler. (And below she is already charming Jonah’s friend, Baby Isaac.) She has already helped us unpack so much and given me decorating advice. I wish Bryan’s wallet would take my mom’s decorating advice. We love that she’s here.
Oh, the Ikea SOFA just arrived! Oh there is a huge rip and a broken coil. Cheap flat-packed furniture… word.


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4 responses to “no news

  1. Elizabeth

    I have been rabidly checking the blog for news so thank you for posting, even just to say no baby yet. The new flat sounds so amazing. Aside from the ripped Ikea sofa …

  2. Tina

    Very disappointed. What happened to a princess di bday on the 1st???

  3. Marlene

    A 4th of July birthday would be pretty awesome. But I wouldn’t wish even one more day of pregnancy on you. Thank God your mom is there!

  4. yael

    Sorry about no Princess Di baby! Do we want a 4th of July baby? Don’t kids hate having a birthday competing with a holiday?!

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