good news

Oh, well, not that good news.

Two things actually.

First: London is getting only its second one in the whole of this massive, sprawling city. And want to guess what neighborhood? MINE. Mine mine mine mine mine.

Second: We got Olympics tickets! The sales of the B list sports tickets (sorry, athletes of those sports) went on in the UK and US in the past week and we managed to score a few. Let’s just say I am going to start studying up on the history, ins, outs, important athletes, and recent scandals of  synchronized swimming.



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5 responses to “good news

  1. i love (love!!!!!) chipotle! next time you’re in new york, go to the chipotle in chelsea – 8th ave btwn 17th and 18th – it’s their test kitchen and they use the best ingredients.

  2. Poren

    Chipotle in your hood is huge news!!! There are none in Jamaica, Queens:( Accordingly, I have been forced to begin frequenting the Taco Bell. Not the same.

  3. Excellent on both points! Congratulations!

  4. sonjey

    yea for chipolte…. I love the rice bowls, and yea for tickets…. count me in!

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