hello, new flat!

Yesterday was pretty successful. The first thing to note is the second we got into the new flat, we both felt so elated, so relieved, so ready for this. I was happy not to be even remotely sad about the old place. We can’t believe we have more space now, even more windows and sunlight, things that look and seem new. I don’t even know if it has truly hit us yet.

The movers were very efficient. And they only got two parking tickets. Yay, Westminster!

I put together 6 dining room chairs and Jonah helped. He is pretty amazing with an Allen key.

Immediately after assembling the dining room table and 6 chairs (btw, it will be crazy when I enter a phase in my life where I don’t have to put furniture together. We’re just not there yet) I decided the color of the fake wood was all wrong. So that was my first emotional distress of the day.

The second is that I am basically on my sixth day of the most excruciating pain I have ever known – I think something to do with my sciatic nerve. I cannot remember a time in my life when I felt this helpless. I sit in this new flat looking at a sea of boxes and bags that need to be emptied, and things put away, and after about 15 minutes of trying I have to sit down and cry. Which was pretty much this morning’s activity. I am impressed with the timing of this: less than a week from my due date, trying to really move in and feel settled and all I really want to do is hang out with Jonah. And I can’t. I can barely take care of him. Bryan has pretty much borne the mother lode of all this, while working full-time, and he is being a champion. But I can feel we are both a little tense. And it turns out I am horrendous at asking for help.

The only other mildly distressing thing was that immediately above our bedroom we can hear the neighbors’ loud tv, lots of talking and this morning- SNORING. That’s weird, right? To be able to hear your upstairs neighbor snoring? And then Bryan mentioned to me on his way out the door that Jonah’s room smells like pot. So it looks like we have a few things to sort.

None of this can dampen this new place. For the first time for me in seven years, I have a separate dryer from washer. And it doesn’t make the clothes smell. And it collects lint! Oh and we can breathe, Jonah can run and the new baby will have a place to sleep. Gratitude and hope. And maybe some injection straight into my lower back.



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13 responses to “hello, new flat!

  1. Take it easy, your Mom will be there soon!

  2. Poren

    Congrats on your new home!!! And holy crap, Yael. What you can do blows my mind!!! Please don’t be so hard on yourself. What you have done is incredible.  You deserve to relax.

  3. Elizabeth

    I’m so glad the new flat is working (aside from the pot and snoring).

    About the back pain – I know 5 days before you are due is not the ideal time to try something new, but have you thought about going to the chiropractor? I practically lived at the chiropractor during my second pregnancy. I’d just be walking down the hallway and my pelvis would slip out, causing horrendous pain to shoot from my butt down my leg. And if I couldn’t get to the chiropractor that day, the bad alignment would have a domino effect up the rest of my spine, causing everything to hurt. So I know how you feel. And it is terrible. Hopefully you can figure out a way to get some relief (even if the only way is to push the baby out).

  4. sonjey

    Yael, please call the doctor…. You need all that energy for delivery and new baby, as well as Jonah. there is some topical cream that can numb things. Maybe ask about that. Please take it easy if you can.

  5. toshalot

    Congrats on the new flat but, Yael, please take care of yourself! If there are boxes for another month or two, I am sure it won’t be the end of the world. Listen to your mom-in-law and call the doctor!
    Love love love you 🙂

  6. toshalot

    oh- and i hear my upstairs neighbor snoring every single night when i go to bed. AND i wake up to him smoking pot every single morning because he stands beneath my window outside to do so and the aroma floats into my window. and he’s my landlord.

  7. Not sure if you know any yoga, but I’d try child’s pose for your back. Google it. It’s pretty relaxing on the back.

    Glad to hear you love the new place. Good luck on the smell and the noise. And just relax about all the boxes. You can unpack more after the baby comes. I think you’re supposed to feel like you are feeling. That feeling of just wanting to sit back and relax before a second baby comes along.

    Congrats on the new place!

  8. Caitlin

    Yeah for a new home. Exciting and wonderful. Congrats to you all.

  9. yael

    Thanks, everyone! Am trying to slow it down. But soooo not my personality!

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