everything about the weekend that does not involve my pathetic physical state

On Friday night we went over to Faye & David’s for D’s birthday bbq. It was very London weather for the occasion. In fact, this June has been very bizarre… the past three summers June has been far and away the most beautiful month of the year and we have usually spent every weekend in the park, wearing very little so as to blend in with the rest of the pale natives who can’t believe the sun is out. But not this June. I think autumn might be starting really early this year. Yay, Great Britain! Anyway, Jonah enjoyed the ribs and hamburgers – simultaneously. And Faye made Smitten Kitchen’s chocolate peanut butter cake. Omg. And those crazy kids were getting ready for The Royal Ascot the next day. It’s such an event here, the ladies’ hats even made the US media. And remember last year?


Saturday we had to spend our whole day at Ikea- which is always a recipe for unbelievable marital harmony. Couples should go to counseling the morning of an Ikea trip. Especially if someone also has to navigate directions on the way there. But we persevered, and managed to get the cheap, quick furniture we need to move TOMORROW. 6 days before my due date. In case anyone was counting down.

But more important about Ikea, I will never truly come to grips with why the Swedes have the lock on ingenuity. I don’t mean the highbrow kind like the Japanese circa the 80s or Apple, I mean the kind as depicted pictorially below. Just when you thought they couldn’t do anything cooler, they go and create in-store subsidized restaurants where you pick up your food on this trolley which can hold 3 trays at once. Maybe it is my semi-disabled state, but I couldn’t stop smiling.

Father’s Day was spent only partially packing up all our loser belongings. We took time out for the very charming annual Marylebone Summer Fayre, which I heart so much. It’s yet another reason why we insist on living in this neighborhood that may not be perfectly aligned with our income bracket. Bryan had his first Pimm’s of the season. And given the season so far, it may be his last. We then went for lunch in an attempt to create a Father’s Day tradition in our family (started last year): Bryan and Jonah share some pâté. Weird, I know. Some families just go to a baseball game or something. This year our destination was Bar Boulud for its celebrated burgers, and it wasn’t too shabby in the meantime to breathe in that rarefied air of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Plus, the boys had some pâté. Weird, again.



Here is a little non sequitur for you: Corn is a very exciting treat here, apparently. I see it sold this way below many places. Here is my favo(u)rite one on Oxford Street. I wish I has the inside scoop on the magic part.

Beyond corn, we’ve been busy in these parts but a quick shout-out to four other important men in my life post-Father’s Day:

My Dad. He is the most famous person I know and is always telling his kids how much joy they bring him and he tells me that I am a great mom. Also, he got me into Converse High Tops.

My step-dad. I have probably borrowed his car more than anyone’s and he is totally cool about it. He also might smile and laugh more than anyone I know. And he is so, so, so good to my mom.

My father-in-law. I have a good father-in-law. He is easy to talk to, lives in Florida which means we’ll always have a warm place to visit and has built some great websites… totally self-taught.

Uncle Gary: He is Bryan’s uncle but all our friends think of him as Uncle Gary. He is a role model for Bryan in so many ways (they share the same birthday 20 years to the day) and he has that rare quality of being interested in talking to anyone. He was in London for work recently and we had a wonderful visit with him during Jonah’s birthday weekend. And look how the children love him!


This is the last full day in our flat. Tomorrow is moving day. Luckily, even with the chaos and major life change, Jonah has still been able to play with his cars.




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5 responses to “everything about the weekend that does not involve my pathetic physical state

  1. rebecca

    I’m a little sad you’re leaving your flat- I have such good memories of it from when we visited! Good luck with the move (and with your physical state).

  2. sonjey

    Oh, I know you’re in safe and sound. Now you can relax and HAVE A BABY!

  3. Caitlin

    My dad got me into Converse AllStars too! Cool dads. Hope your physical state gets a makeover soon! Hang in there… Caitte

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