One of the many perks of maternity leave is that I will have more time to document the things around town that I think are important to document. Case in point: examples of incongruity. There are definitely some of us Americans here who like to blame nonsensical things on Britishness. Which of course isn’t fair. At all. But still totally fun to do. In fact, we even blame things that are not blameworthy on the UK. For example, if I can’t find a Costco and therefore can’t buy a delicious and reasonably-priced Costco sheet cake, I might say to my friend, “f**king UK.” And she will nod in grave agreement.

F**king UK. Whose biggest crime sometimes is not being the f**king USA.

Here is a little place that opened not too long ago near us. You will not be surprised to hear it closed less than a year later.

“Amigos”? Patisserie? Really?


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