work over (temporarily), rest of life begins again

Thursday was my last day of work before maternity leave. Maternity leave in the UK can be up to a year and many women leave it open-ended what their return date will be. I am one of those many women. So, there is no clock ticking at the moment. But the last few days of last week were, as our friend David would say, just like camping. In tents.

But anyway, I’m gone now, suckas! Not surprisingly, the colleagues at work were wonderful and generous with my leaving presentation and kind words and gifts for me and bebe. The British do this type of thing very well and I say that with great respect. And I will miss work. I am weird like that. Here are at least the top ten things I will miss, in no particular order:

  1. Sitting in front of a computer all day. Easier than cleaning spaghetti off the wall.
  2. The supply closet.
  3. Printing in high quality colo(u)r.
  4. My little team I work with. They are funny and kind. And friends. And we definitely swap daily life trivia, which is nice.
  5. The subsidized canteen salad bar. From here on out, I will have major vitamin deficiencies.
  6. A reason to shower daily.
  7. Flexing my brain muscle.
  8. Pret so close by.
  9. My officemate and friend. He’s funny and kind and who knew. Sometimes you have to share an office.
  10. Subsidized Starbucks on the 3rd floor.

Friday night our friends Matt & Trish very wonderfully stayed over to mind Jonah while Bryan and I had a teeny anner getaway with dinner in Soho and a hotel in Hoxton. We slept in until 8:22. That’s right, 8:22am. Unreal.

Saturday we celebrated the birthday of our friend Pau at Go-Karting in North London. Jonah is beyond obsessed with cars these days and we knew it would be so much fun for him to watch. I am proud to say Bryan came in third both rounds. He thinks he should have been second. I was thinking about the specific athleticism of guys like Bryan while I was watching him race around the track. Guys like that are always good at things like ping pong, darts, Go-Kart, cannonball contests and xbox. I think it’s totally hot.


Last night we attended another friend’s birthday at a rented out movie theatre for a screening of Hangover II. Totally worth getting a babysitter and I am in full agreement with how creative our friends here are with birthdays. You only live once, right? And even if not, you’re going to come back as a cockroach or something. And I don’t think they celebrate birthdays.

Also, we’re looking at flats, falling for flats, losing flats. It adds a spice to our days. Like a spice that tastes terrible.

Otherwise now I visit a familiar friend: maternity leave. Maybe I will even blog some.



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4 responses to “work over (temporarily), rest of life begins again

  1. rebecca

    I love when you post just when I am about to start my work day so I can read your blog and giggle and postpone billing for just a few seconds more. Happy mat leave! And I agree – sitting in front of a computer all day IS easier than cleaning spaghetti off the wall. Or floor.

  2. snosh

    How is it that you are always ALWAYS so refreshingly funny? Love you, and thanks, yes, for the before-work laughs 😉

  3. planetface

    11. Eavesdropping on random conversations.

    12. Being a character in an HBO update of an early Henry James novel.

    13. Clear plastic wallet folders.

    On point 9 I think he’s not but some people bring out the best in some other people.

  4. yael

    Rebecca and Snosh, thanks for the support. For you two I will forge ahead!

    planetface, keep me posted on I do miss those clear plastic folders. Guard my stash.

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