4 years, 12 years

Four years married today.

Twelve years in love this summer.

Last night we went to see Fleet Foxes at the Hammersmith Apollo and I spent the whole show squirming in my seat because I was feeling the baby might claw out of my stomach a la Sigourney Weaver in Alien. But at one point I turned to you and said, “Do you remember what the first concert was that you ever took me to?” And you couldn’t, so I said “some DJ… electronica…” (because I am pretty savvy about music).

You: Chemical Brothers?

Me: Yes.

You: That’s embarrassing.

No way. Not even remotely embarrassing. It was awesome. It was awesome that my new super hot crush in 1999 was taking me to a show and standing behind me with arms wrapped around me bouncing to music.

Still bouncing.



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9 responses to “4 years, 12 years

  1. Happy Anniversary, you two. Four years. Twelve years. Forever years.

  2. Amy

    Lots of love and good living in those years – cheers to so many more! xoxo, A, J and JC

  3. snosh

    Adorable. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary 🙂 !!!!!

  4. Adrian Adonis

    It just gets better baby. Love you.

  5. AutieFig

    Heart you guys tons. Congrats!!! Hope there’s an NA Red Stripe in the mix today. 🙂

  6. summer

    It feels like yesterday we were all in Jamaica at the most fun wedding ever. Happy Linen/Silk/Appliances Anniversary.

  7. sonjey

    Everyday is Anniversary for you two. I can’t believe it’s been 12 years together!
    Never forgot the day I met the girl he was going to marry! Now if I could only remember the Anniversary date!

  8. yael

    Thanks you all! Belatedly (sheepishly).

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