look, we have the same day off!

You would think this wasn’t a London blog with my total nonmention of some important UK news lately:

1. the Obamas visiting

That was awesome, right? Every time I saw Michelle on the cover of a newspaper, I had a surge of pride. As though I am somehow responsible for her. As though somehow if we were all “back home”, we would be sharing the same atmosphere. K, mebbe not. BUT I heart her. Like many others, however, this ensem disappointed. Especially if you KNOW you’re going to be meeting Princess Catherine! Because you know she is going to pull off some perfectly hued perfectly constructed dress that is not even designer. Kate is like the poor man’s Carla Bruni and my gosh, we love her for it.

2. I don’t know, some other UK stuff. I just want to talk about tv really.

So guess what? My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is coming to the USA, on TLC natch! Only good British things are exported (which is why X Factor will cross the pond, but treacle hopefully never will) so you can trust this will be good viewing.

And as repayment, the UK is finally getting its own version of The Jersey Shore… wait for it… GEORDIE SHORE! Holy crap. You must check out the cast and their catch-phrases.

Oprah ended last week, did you hear? One billion people commented on the occasion but here is my two pence: I thought she did a good job with the last episode. I was only partially distracted by the big pink tassel off her awesome pink dress. She seemed 100% genuine and heartfelt and I imagine that is hard to do after 100 years in television. I liked that Stedman was there. I liked that she seemed grateful to those of us who have watched every single season for 25 years. I liked how no annoying celebrities were there (that was for the day before… ewww, Tom Cruise). I will miss the show but I will honestly keep the takeaways so how can I be greedy.

Meredith and Peninna kept telling me to watch Pregnant in Heels so now I do. And it’s good stuff. I actually wonder if there is a show that better exposes the sheer absurdity of a slice of that New York wealth. It’s like the show that is a precursor to what happens before you become the family in The Nanny Diaries. Also, the not-really-British concierge, Rosie Pope, said on one episode that it makes British people feel awkward and uncomfortable if you compliment them. Which, if her ugly stereotype is true, makes me a total nightmare at work. Sorry, co-workers.


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One response to “look, we have the same day off!

  1. Poren

    Ha ha. Who wouldn’t love a compliment?? Speaking of, great post! I can’t watch the show anymore because right after I hounded you to watch it something very bad happened to a close friend of mine pregnancy/babywise and the general enjoyment I get from reality tv involving unappreciative out of touch people was ruined for me.

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