this blog post brought to you in part by my legs

My RLS is sometimes the boss of me. So I told it to blog.

RLS speaking:

Sorry my host body was not good about posting last week. She has been so busy wrapping up work before maternity leave starts in a couple of weeks. Also, for fun I keep her up at night so work days are even more exciting.

London has been warm and blue skies. Except the day it rained and was grey.

Here are the things that did not happen last week: flies, bodily injury, croup, food poisoning.

In fact, we are happy in these parts because Bryan’s dad has been here visiting.

And I know my host body is generally mad at me and doesn’t like to agree with anything I say, but I am pretty sure she will agree with the following statement: it feels good to live in a country for a minute where as an American you only knew there was some kind of ‘Rapture’ thing this past weekend because you heard from friends in the States and FB. It was business as usual in the UK. People are still busy drinking tea, not espousing fundamentalist religions so much and watching Coronation Street.

Also, there may or may not be another volcanic ash cloud from Iceland.

Also, some other stuff.

(Leg spasm. Leg spasm.)

Love, RLS

Jonah and Poppy are very bonded. The little guy was lucky enough to get one of his first early birthday gifts that he loves, try his first sushi (cucumber roll), visit his favorite children’s farm/play village outside London, go to the pawp lots, eat delicious meals and watch the Mets with his dad and grandfather. This morning he was sad when Poppy left. UP UP UP PAAAANE. WHOAAAA.




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3 responses to “this blog post brought to you in part by my legs

  1. Hurray for Poppy! What a very lucky Jonah. What a very lucky Poppy.

  2. sonjey

    Dear RLS, just a few more weeks and a little bundle of joy will take your place. So goodbye, farewell soon….. and great pics of proud pappa and crew!

  3. Wow! What a cutie he is! Our boys will be 2 years old this weekend. How did they get so big so fast?

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