the royal wedding…and we were there (sort of)!

We’re back from Dubai just yesterday, but who can think about that now. It’s Royal Wedding Day and we’re ready!


We’ve been up since 5:30am GMT (toddler’s choice, not ours) and have been glued to BBC’s live coverage. The weather was better in London yesterday and is supposed to be better tomorrow, but never mind. WE JUST WANT TO SEE THE DRESS. But can I just say: Duchess of Cambridge – what is that shite? I am calling her Princess Catherine, anyway. Like Princess Diana. Who I hearted. Thanks, mom! Who is up early at 4am to watch. We spoke on the phone and agreed that dress-up hats are the greatest British invention ever. And shout out to my MIL too, who also woke up early to watch this. And others of you I know. I am proud to know so many Royal Wedding lovers.

If I can peel myself away from the tv and we venture onto the exciting streets of Londontown, reports to follow.


After watching the important parts at home (the entrances), our family high-tailed it to Hyde Park to join 120,000 others to watch the wedding on the big screens there. It was a wonderful atmosphere and definitely once-in-a-lifetime overt display of British pride. I squealed during all the good parts. People kept photographing Bryan in his t-shirt (you’re welcome, honey). When the newlyweds left Westminster Abbey, confetti sprayed all over our part of the park. When the couple kissed on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, people all around us popped champagne- you could see corks flying in the air. And for one millisecond when the RAF planes flew directly over our heads (thanks for my new zoom lens, Bry), you could have revoked my American passport- I was that excited. But the crowd was filled with plenty of Americans and for 24 hours the BBC has almost seemed chagrined that the people lining the route between church and palace they were stopping to interview kept turning out to be Americans. Pretty much cause we’re awesome.

Kate’s dress was also awesome, no? I honestly knew she was going to have some kind of lace overlay like that. I should have placed a bet with one of the bookmakers here. And not awesome were (a) the Queen’s scowl the entire wedding and (b) Princess Beatrice’s hat. It was almost distracting me during the ceremony. Hat FAIL. But wedding WIN. Royal wedding WIN. It was a great day and I am proud to have been in London.




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26 responses to “the royal wedding…and we were there (sort of)!

  1. summer

    I was also up – due to a terrible cough and a terrible toddler. But very fun to have watched it all live with you guys. It kept making me happy to think of you actually being there!

  2. Lady Anne Kyla of Edgewood

    I watched! Not at 4am, but I watched. (Oddly enough, I woke up from a somewhat disturbing dream that I had borrowed your Mom’s BMW and it had gotten stolen under my watch, so I woke up from that at 6:00am and decided to turn on the tube).

    The Royal Wedding was entertaining with all its pomp and pagentry. Is the weather cold? I noticed the outside people were wearing jackets and hats (and not the fancy kind). And is it true that Prince Phillip has to walk three steps behind the Queen? I really liked The Duchesses’ dress.

    • yael

      If that was your dream about my mom’s car, it means I need to get another kitten to pawn off on her. She will be so happy.

      The weather was nippy in the morning but then got warm. Stayed gray, though. Vive le London!

      I think it must be true that Prince Phillip always walks behind the Queen cause that’s how it always looks on tv. I found it weird that Camilla had to curtsy to her- her own daughter-in-law!

  3. Poren

    Had my own semi-private viewing party at the New York Sports Club this morning and it was off the hook, as anticipated. Brought in the Union Jack tin of Brit candy you sent me to work today to get my Jamaica, Queens peeps in the spirit. You really raised my street cred here. So many thanks!!! You are the bestest!!!! 
    P.S. Thoughts please on Catherine whispering her vows and Pippa wearing white???

  4. Kasper

    Wow, William and Kate visisted you guys before the wedding – FAAAAANCY!

  5. sonjey

    Awesome blog Yael…. Love every part of it. I truly LOL’d at the first few pictures. So happy you could feel the connection. I too, loved everything about the dress. The bridesmaid and flower girls too. Was not impressed with any of the the other ladies’ outfits…..dull and dowdy

  6. Sue Wright

    Was glued myself. 5 am. Could hardly go to work! But, I had sent an email for all ladies to wear hats. Great success. There were some serious “going to Praise the Lord Sunday ” hats in the Middle School. Kids loved it. I wore mine all day. We had the National Junior Honor society ceremony . I am in every picture with the students in my ” celebrating the wedding” hat. So maybe one day when these 7th graders are old…. They will remember they got inducted on the day Of the Royal wedding. Either that or they will think I was a kook.. Who cares? Miss you both. I’ll try to send a photo. XXOO

    • yael

      Loved the pic! What a great idea!! I am just sad we will all have to wait so long for another one of these. Will and Kate better get started on the baby-making so I can plan my Royal Wedding watching party for approximately 30 years from now.

      As for hats: how can we bring the trend on wedding fashion to the US?!

  7. kate

    i was up too! i thought about you all so much yesterday! gosh, it was amazing. i cannot imagine the energy there!

  8. kerry

    Due to some angry, violent, hateful weather in my part of the world, I missed the whole affair but thought of you the whole time. I can only imagine your enthusiasm. We just got power back on, and I’m having to suffice myself with stupid abbreviated recaps. Leg kick to tornadoes, fist pump to The Dress.

    • yael

      I will have to find a box set DVD of every moment of it all for you. Oh and me too. I am sure I will want to watch it a few more times ; )

  9. Sarah

    Awesome. I have been completely obsessed and have taken to calling Quinn “Duchess Catherine.” It is her name, after all. Have come to unfortunate conclusion that Quinn will be a bit too old to marry Will and Kate’s offspring. I figure now that a commoner is in the mix, perhaps an American will be next. Looking in to early application process for St. Andrew’s. She is quite advanced.

  10. AMOR

    John Carlito and his first tooth didn’t want to miss out on the action, which meant that his sleep-deprived padres got to tune in live to the wedding festivities. Forever and ever, you will have the happy memory of being in Londontown for the royal wedding, which was watched the world over. Thanks for reporting back to all of your faithful blog followers.

    • yael

      Awww, happy first tooth JC! I would have Skyped the padre had I known, and we could have sipped tea together. Yes, very happy memory to have been here and heard the 100,000+ in Hyde Park so energetically singing along to the “God Save the Queen.”

  11. AMOR

    Oh, and what’s your take on the name Philippa “Pippa” topping the baby girl name charts for 2011? I’ve got a feeling. A possible name for your babe if it’s a girl?

  12. mdouris25

    Watched in this time zone too – 🙂 I figured since we just had 4 brits staying with us for the 2+ weeks leading up to the wedding that made me like 1/24 british – or something like that. So much fun – I loved every minute. Although I have to say Harry making Will and Pippa giggle at every opportunity made me wish someone I knew could marry Harry!

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