royal wedding fevah

I have it. I am not ashamed to admit it. While I suspect that Americans are even more excited, there is finally starting to be some major momentum around London in preparing. The shops are capitalizing, the magazines are covered, people are planning on throwing parties and I finally have my outfit sorted. And despite the fact that this coming Friday begins what one newspaper is calling “An 11-day Weekend” (it’s true: an unprecedented 4 bank holidays surrounding one week) and millions of people will be leaving the country, I expect next Friday to be off the hiz.

Look at what the city did to Regent Street:

I love it.

Every shop is trying to make a pence off of this. I couldn’t resist these- look how authentic they look! Plus that expiration date promises fresh deliciousness. Sorry about your legs, Wills.

The big news for weeks has been: will Prime Minister David Cameron wear a morning suit or not? Apparently this has class, wealth and etiquette implications that are very serious. And if you’re American right now, you are just thinking: WTF.



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7 responses to “royal wedding fevah

  1. erica

    i’m so excited for the royal wedding too! i’m planning on watching although it’ll be really early here. i would love to do a 5am royal wedding screening party, but it might just be by myself!

  2. Love the cookies! I went as far as buying a Royal Wedding mug, but I’ve planned to be out of London during that weekend. I can always catch up on iPlayer 🙂 Someone sent me this today 🙂

  3. I’ll be watching it at 4AM in Neptune, NJ. Of course, wearing a hat.

  4. toshalot

    I have to admit after watching Babara Walters’ royal wedding exclusive this week, I’m pretty excited about it to 😉 The prince is marrying a commoner! A commoner whose parents are millionaires. Man, I wish I were a commoner …

  5. I can’t wait…. watching Diana and Charles do the same thing was a memory I’ll never forget, especially the first glimpse of the gown!…. No DVR…. this one has to be live! Thanks for all the stuff, Yael.

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