35 things i love about being 35

  1. Ages that end with a 0 or 5 always seem so monumental.
  2. It seems more acceptable to wear a nude-colored bra every day.
  3. Instead of trying to convince myself to behave and wear sunblock, I actually desperately feel the need to apply sunblock.
  4. Still close enough to high school that I can remember things from then.
  5. So many hot celebrities the same age: Tara Reid, Andre 3000, 2 Spice Girls and the girl who played Blossom. And Angelina Jolie. We’re peers.
  6. I feel very comfortable demographically with 30 Rock.
  7. Dark chocolate is better. SO much better.
  8. Having friends to set up on dates and friends having their third kid.
  9. Having friends who finally rented a 1-bedroom instead of a studio and friends who just bought their first mini-van.
  10. Still allowed to say OMG and IJS. Even if taxes are starting to get very complicated.
  11. At work when I don’t feel like I am in a high-enough position, I can say “I mean, I am 35 for chrissakes” and people just nod supportively.
  12. Still a long way to go before friends start having bad face lifts and I have to try to remember harder to make eye contact.
  13. But don’t have to worry anymore about making eye contact instead of staring at that one huge zit.
  14. It seems socially acceptable to buy every new Apple product at the launch date.
  15. No danger of book clubs. Everyone is too busy. But not too busy for The Bachelor.
  16. Having friends moving up at their jobs high enough to mean really good side perks for me.
  17. A good time to learn how to apply make-up correctly.
  18. The conversations are less inane.
  19. Still smugly squarely in the middle of the Generation X age range.
  20. Trying to only pay for things with an American Express card.
  21. No danger of having to go to a club for someone’s birthday.
  22. Friends have become really good cooks. Am often the recipient of such talent.
  23. Can yell at the upstairs neighbors for being noisy.
  24. Can also be the noisy one.
  25. Have finally learned to make a whole chicken.
  26. One last year to still be in the trophy wife age range.
  27. I’m allowed to ignore Facebook.
  28. I don’t have to use lots of acronyms and abbreviations when I text.
  29. My husband is smokin’.
  30. Year of the Dragon and Bicentennial baby, BITCHES.
  31. I’m alive.
  32. I don’t have to part yet with my one Delia’s rainbow-striped winter coat.
  33. Being a mom.
  34. I can legally run for President of the United States of America.
  35. Or Mexico.


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17 responses to “35 things i love about being 35

  1. summer

    Feliz Cumpleanos, Presidente.

  2. I’m still stuck on the Angelina Jolie thing.

  3. AMOR

    Bonne anniversaire, Mme. le president – following Summer’s lead. And, you satisfied the learn something new daily quota we’re supposed to have – didn’t know there was a trophy wife age range – good to know.

  4. Poren

    You go Birthday Girl who can still easily be mistaken as someone in her twenties! Thanks for having a blog to save your friends and family from being so pedestrian as to have to write on your fb wall. Happy happy glad you are enjoying it all;)

  5. nattyvonne

    #32 is so funny bc I totally remember how OBSESSED you were with delia’s clothes even though we were already in our 20s and out of their target group of customers 😉

  6. nattyvonne

    oh yea, and happiest birthday wishes to you, love 🙂

  7. Farg

    At what age DOES it become appropriate to part with said Rainbow Jacket? (ps. you still have that thing!?!?!) xoxo

    • yael

      nattyvonne and Farg, I haven’t worn my Delia’s coat in years. But I just can’t part with it yet. I just keep thinking maybe an appropriate moment will crop up for me to don it again. A girl can dream.

  8. sonjey

    I need to send you my bicentennial maternity top that I saved for a moment like this… Happy birthday mom, of my most handsome grandson, and wife, of my most loving son.

  9. rebecca

    YES nude bras! IJS.

  10. Pleban

    Having a hard time comprehending Tara Reid as a “hot celebrity”

    Happy birthday!

    • yael

      No way, not my good friend Pleban, defender of my blog in all its sarcastic, snarky, facetious obnoxiousness. The Blossom example should have tipped you off that I might have been less than serious about Ms. Reid.

  11. yael

    Thanks everyone for the happy wishes! 364 days away from turning 36 and feeling great.

  12. Adrian Adonis

    Have to agree with #29.

    Happy Birthday to my Ya.

  13. mdouris25

    Crap – a week late. Happy Birthday! I love of all of those items. Excpet at 31, I don’t know what “IJS” stands for. And as your former book club member – who just realized you had a Bachelor blog (this still astounds me that I’ve missed this after all these years) – it’s much easier to show up for the bachelor sessiosn than the book club. No judgment from anyone please.

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