The week+ in review is:

Last weekend my work friend Emma had her 30th birthday and she did what any good British young adult does: she made it fancy dress. The theme was “wear something in your closet you never wear but want to”. None of my maternity clothes qualified and Bryan is pretty anti-theme. But Emma did good and busted out an outfit change: sari to 50s/60s and the hair stayed Mad Men throughout. There are vintage hair salons in London. People love era parties here.

Jonah had his first ice lolly. A success.

Melissa took Jonah to the Transport Museum. I can’t stop staring at the photos.

London got warm. And beguiled us all again into thinking it’s a fantastic place to live. I don’t even have pictures to prove it.

And getting back to Jonah, he is very good now at lining things up. I love it a lot.

Celebrated my birthday early starting Friday night with 12 girlfriends at dinner and then Dirty Dancing the Musical. Everyone was so fun and generous to me and commendable for seeing such a cheesy show. (Stick with the movie.)

Faye made a German Chocolate cake for me. I have been fixated on that as my favorite flavor since Claudia What’s-Her-Name (Mira, you’ll know) had one at some event when we were children. People think it’s weird that it’s my favorite flavor. Until they try it. I mean, are Samoas weird? So Faye found a recipe and baked this made-up American cake flavor here in merry ‘ol London. And it’s pretty much the most awesome cake I have ever seen or tasted. All the girls agreed. And even Bryan will not stop talking about it. Just tonight he asked me how Faye got all those layers in the cake. Talent.

Saturday Bryan continued fete-ing me at Bocca di Lupa (finally!) and then to see the new Neil LaBute play: In a Forest, Dark and Deep. I like his plays. But I didn’t mind Matthew Fox either. He was actually good which surprised me for some reason. Also, Bryan didn’t know he was on Party of Five. Can you imagine.

I don't understand my face either.

On the walk we saw the Olympic countdown clock in Trafalgar Square and took a hot photo.

Now a friend, Phil, is in town who I knew from working together in Manhattan circa 2006. Phil is awesome. He happens to do PR for Sesame Street which is about one of the coolest jobs of anyone I know. And it reminds me how many people have boring jobs that would make you fall asleep just hearing about then at a dinner party. Like: could you finally explain derivatives, please. So yeah, good job Phil. Literally. I mean, this iPad cover alone!

Fingers crossed for more good weather this week. Unless you want more of My Favourite Things. In that case, cross your fingers for crappy weather and then I will write about how visitors to London are constantly taking photos of squirrels. We see it All The Time. I will never understand it. Never.



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11 responses to “roundup

  1. What a great birthday weekend. Jonah in the Transport Museum: wonderful. Especially the photo of the escalator. I did a real double-take on that one. The squirrel thing: hilarious.

  2. rebecca

    happy early birthday dear friend!

  3. Jeremy

    Isn’t that “Jack” from “Lost”?!? If so, he’s definitely A-List, right?

  4. toshalot

    Oh my, Jonah is so handsome! I love the close pic of him with his hand hanging out of one pocket!
    And in the photo of you in front of the poster, it appears you are saying “Swoon!”, you know, saying the word as though it is a sound effect to the motion you are making?
    Finally, I always wondered at Georgetown why American tourists took pictures of the squirrels too. Apparently, there are parts of the U.S. where there are no squirrels. Imagine!
    Tomorrow’s your birthday! Yay!

  5. sonjey

    Oh…. love, love, the photos of Jonah… He looks so grown up..just in time for a new baby to arrive! He truly looks the part of a big brother and to think I couldn’t get him to enjoy an ice lolli! (I guess it might have had something to do with my tact and the temperature outside!

  6. johnwrouse

    what else has m fox done besides po5?

  7. mira

    Oh a special puzzle just for me! Claudia Hebebrand. She was from Bolivia and had the most perfectly straight bangs you could ever imagine. She served German chocolate cake at her birthday party (which, incidentally, was at her house on Wayne Street) and you haven’t been the same since!

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