whoa, where did the time go

I didn’t realize I hadn’t blogged in a week. In my head, I was posting daily. You can read my thoughts, right?

My mom left this past Thursday. It is always hard to see her go because wouldn’t it be so much better if she lived near by? This place would definitely stay more frequently vacuumed, for one thing. But anyway, we loved seeing her and Jonah had a great time.

Then we had the busiest weekend ever. Which was made only slightly more logistically challenging by the protests in London. Don’t ask me what they were about. I will only be able to say things like “um, pensions?” and “there were fires”. I only read Google News Entertainment and the protests didn’t make that news feed. But apparently the protests were a Really Big Deal and there were definitely tube stations shut and cabs kept refusing to take us places. It was also the Oxford – Cambridge boat race on the Thames which is also a Really Big Deal. And coincidentally all our Saturday travels took us to the Thames.

What is everyone so mad about?

First we had a lovely brunch with others at friends’ in Barnes. Barnes is an adorable little waterside village-y suburb of London in Richmond, which I think is part of Surrey. It’s Southwest. Supposedly. I don’t know these things. But it is nice to get out of central London. And their home is lovely. They live like grown-ups! And in perfect British fashion, the thousands who lined the river to watch the famous boat race with outdoor barbecues going and sponsored promotions by Corona, were freezing in their winter coats. Just your typical outdoor event in misery.

That night a friend’s surprise 30th birthday was held on a scenic boat cruise along the Thames. There were lots of people there from all over and the guest of honor was actually surprised. I even danced to the DJ which might have been hard for everyone there to watch. There is nothing cool or pleasant about a pregnant woman dancing. Luckily I didn’t have to witness it myself. But London at night is really beautiful, and I like to be reminded of that. I have always loved these aerial shots of London at night.

Yesterday we met a group for Sunday roast at one of mine and Bryan’s favorite spots along the canal – The Narrow Boat. I will never get over the canals in London and the boats. For one split second you can pretend you’re in Amsterdam or Venice, until one second later when you realize you definitely are not. Peninna, a law school bud, was visiting with friends for a trip to Paris and we were lucky enough to get to see her. She busted out the nicest gifts for Jonah, and then for me- which I would not be exaggerating to tell you was about 20 lbs of Pretzel M&Ms and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. And of course my magazines. Top-notch friend, and loyalest blog reader she is.



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4 responses to “whoa, where did the time go

  1. DM

    I had forgotten how much I missed the 146 different varieties of pretzels in the states. Why don’t they catch on? Who doesn’t love pretzels??

    • yael

      Seriously. I brought some pretzel M&Ms to work (because I consider it a moral duty to expose British people to superior chocolate combinations) and people kept walking into my office going “well, they’re not terrible!” and then one woman asked to be reminded what a pretzel is.

      I am confused because I am pretty sure they were invented in Europe.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. Did you see the boat race? We were hoping to see this tradition but got a little sidetracked. XOL

  3. Poren

    Great to see you;) Love the blog shout out. I hope your self-proclaimed number one fan didn’t destroy your love for the pretzel m&m with overabundance. Latent Jewish mother that I am…And Readers, don’t let Yael’s self depricating humor fool you one bit. She is as gorgeous as ever and has THE glow. Not that you would expect any less.

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