more grandparent

My mom is visiting London for a week, and among other things, she has already provided two crucial services: kept me company while Bryan was at South by Southwest and continues to make Jonah laugh hysterically daily. He’s a pretty funny kid (I’m objective) and I guess you can’t deny genetics.

Also, NeNe brought two very important things. These:

Does the UK understand what it's missing?

and the big dog. Jonah is partial to taking his meals on him, or enjoying companionship during cartoon viewing.

My mom has been aghast at the state of my socks. On more than one occasion, she has mentioned that maybe we should go buy some new ones. And my response is always: “I don’t have a car. I live in the big city. Where am I going to get socks?”

So she said she would send me some from the US, preferably from Old Navy (I miss Old Navy, I do). That’s the weird thing about being an expat- you just can’t ever accept that everything you could ever want is in your new country. Three years in and I still get my deodorant and socks from the US. And Bryan the pill popper gets his favorite name-brand pharmaceuticals. I guess the British are walking around sock-less, smelly and un-medicated. So sad. I should have more care packages shipped over.

Speaking of my mother, she is famous as usual! A finalist on NPR’s Three-Minute Fiction out of thousands. You’re so talented mom, I’m so proud of you. Send me some socks.



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4 responses to “more grandparent

  1. toshalot

    Socks are such a simple pleasure. I’ll send you some too 😉 And I L.O.V.E. Renee’s story!

  2. LOL – it was years before I bought underwear in the US! It even took a long time before I was prepared to try buying nylons over here.
    I bought the kids and myself socks at M&S when we were in the UK in August, and DD just asked if we can watch for when they offer free international shipping so that I can by her some more M&S underwear! And DS prefers the M&S ‘speedo’ style underwear to the ‘tidy whities’ I can find at Target – for a start, the elastic lasts longer!

    Love your mom’s story!

  3. friend

    Requesting samoas please.

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