the bachelor is an amazing journey

There is always a few days of afterglow when another season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette wraps. There are the blogs and gossip magazine cover stories and Facebook discussions and speculation amongst friends. It can buoy you for a week at least, before the sinking feeling sets in that it will be months before another season airs.

I am not alone in my vigilant fandom. 14 million people watched Monday night’s finale of the Brad season. I am guessing I am also not alone in my primary reason for being so loyal to the show: the unparalleled joy I receive in tearing it apart. The love stories, when they happen genuinely and sweetly, are welcomed and cheered- but they are still secondary to the task at hand: rip these people limb from limb. And it is hands down the best spectator sport I have ever partaken in.

Thousands of “ladies” across the U.S., and some here in London, have made Monday night (or Tuesday if you’re living in Greenwich Mean Time) get-togethers a rite of passage. The wine flows freely, the babysitters are home minding the kids, and when not busy playing drinking games matched to the show’s notoriously overused adjectives and hackneyed expressions, the girls show off their best dessert creations and gimmicks.

And when not roving in large packs of estrogen, some women prefer to watch in the comforts of home next to the comforts of their man. It’s hard to believe, but at least hundreds of men are secretly watching this show too. In fact, after hearing the astute comments of my friends’ husbands and boyfriends, I sometimes feel like my man is the only one who still categorically refuses to embrace the goodness that is the travesty of this series. Which is unfair, really. How many football and baseball games have I tried to muster commentary on in the past 12 years?

So another season is over but it’s just a few months until the next one begins. It’s not too late to comment over here at my other project that keeps me from sleeping at night. And now, I leave you with our Bachelor-viewing parties’ Greatest Hits:

Will you accept this rose?

Jonah and Elmo want in on the action

Most Dramatic Bachelor Viewing Party Ever

It’s all about the desserts



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4 responses to “the bachelor is an amazing journey

  1. This post makes me feel like maybe the Bachelor Viewing Party I attended (me and Miracle the Cat) was a sad little affair. I did eat a Power Pop but I wouldn’t share it.

  2. Rebecca

    Yael I like your top and necklace!

    Renee, me too. My Bachelor Viewing Party consisted of me and my elliptical.

    • yael

      Wait, how did I miss this comment? I am laughing at your party of one + the machine. I am also crying because only you would be so dedicated to exercise during the Greatest TV Show Ever.

  3. It’s Monday and what a letdown. I will force myself to watch the 2 hour special of DWTS! wow. I just can’t wait. But I’m never alone. It’s me and my glass of Pinot Noir.

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