lisbon, portugal

We love now when family visits that it gives an excuse to travel- often to new places. Bryan’s mom/my M-I-L/Jonah’s Nanny came this past week and it was her 5th or 6th time here (I have lost count). We all agreed it would be fun to take a long weekend away and she told us to just surprise her with the location as a belated birthday present to her. Lisbon it was. Honestly, we chose it mostly for the proximity to London and yet surprisingly agreeable weather in February. And then Lisbon delivered BIG and had “unseasonably warm” temperatures while we were there. Mid 70s, palm trees everywhere. My Seasonal Affective Mood Disorder just dripped off my body as we strolled the streets. It’s back now, but whatevsies.

I am not sure what to say about this great city. I kept feeling reminded of somewhere else: Barcelona, Florence, Paris, insert European city here. And yet, it’s its own. It gets compared by people to San Francisco: the hills, cable cars and a red bridge that looks like an exact smaller replica of the Golden Gate. But I didn’t see any San Francisco. In a good way. I saw all warm Europe, everything I love. It also has to be one of the most affordable cities in Europe.

What I was surprised about and loved about the people is they are very warm and demonstrative. Businessmen would walk by Jonah and rustle his hair. Women would pat him on the head and shopkeepers and waiters would come say hello and try to pick him up. Who are these cute people?! I am sure all the touching is not for everyone, but it is for this mom. And then of course there are the hills and strikingly beautiful parks and cobblestones and full building facade after facade covered in ornate tiles. There are cable cars and squares and statues and fountains and a tram high above a modern waterfront. There are endless outdoor cafes and rich history of a city architecturally levelled in an earthquake in the mid 1700s. And there is the language and fado music and rotisserie chicken and seafood and morning pastries and lattes where everyone stands to eat and drink at a counter in their local pastelaria. And my goodness are people warm. It’s the palm trees that make you so nice I guess. Bryan had port wine and declared it delicious. Because that’s important too.

touring the city

look, the Oscars!

Belém Tower

Jonah is a very good travel companion. And eater.


Dinner and Fado music. Jonah was smitten.

Nanny taught Jonah ‘Cheers’! Brilliant move.



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3 responses to “lisbon, portugal

  1. lauren

    Yael, I now want to go to Lisbon! Jonah is absolutely adorable and growing up so fast – it is amazing how that happens! You look great! Can’t wait to meet the new one!

  2. sonjey

    So wonderful to relive through your blog the awesome place I visited with my beautiful family. Let’s not forget, a little bit of shopping, roosters everywhere (national symbol), and an exquisite hotel with the best massages! Obrigado!!!!

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