an injection of new york and then a little sumpin sumpin

Bryan’s mother has been visiting since Saturday. In addition to her numerous attributes (eg fastest shopper I have ever met, makes very good red sauce, happy for everyone in the whole world), I am very grateful she is here for two equally important reasons: (1) she further validates for us that we have the most engaging, charismatic, kind-hearted, hilarious, expressive, intelligent, handsome, adorable, friendly, loving, beautiful, joyful, some more adjectives about perfection, perfect child that has ever lived; and (2) she does my neighborhood errands for me.

Nanny has been having a blast with her favorite date, Jonah.

And because of her, he now has his own set of cleaning tools, including vacuum and dust pan and dust brush. Which he has been using around the clock. Incidentally, to allay my dad’s vague and unspecified concerns, they now sell toy cleaning supplies for children in blue, not just pink. Because you know, it matters.

We’re headed Wednesday morning to only slightly sunnier climes. It’s a surprise, so, TBA.


In the meantime, I leave you with a cornucopia from my email Inbox:

My bro and sis-in-law just got back from Sri Lanka. Which is so uber-cool of them. The weather sounded so good I definitely shed a tear or two just thinking about it. I might have mentioned before that I have been cold for eight months (save for the one week cruise). Sri Lanka, I mean. Look at how awesome:

My friend Kara, formerly of London and now of Washington, DC, has an actor sister in LA that taped a Funny or Die spot I am including by clicking here (I am not good at embedding things). Two things that are important to note: (1) I honestly think getting a Funny or Die spot is like the pinnacle of success. (2) The spoof is about my former One True Love, Jake Gyllenhaal. Word.

And since we’re on videos for a sec, our friend David D, tipped me off to this viral one that made him “soil himself”. Just in case you weren’t in the first 3 million that viewed it:



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2 responses to “an injection of new york and then a little sumpin sumpin

  1. sonjey

    London was perfect, but Lisbon truly was a surprise. What an amazing city….Little man Jonah and Nanny devoured it! Thanks to my family for enriching my life. OBRIGADO!

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