my favourite things #6

It’s really hard to get good pancakes in this country (and I never mean crepes), so my now go-to favourite bread product for special mornings are


The only mention I ever heard of crumpets in my first 32 years of life was a standard off-hand reference to English people sitting around all the time having “tea and crumpets” with their pinkies in the air. Fair enough but I never see crumpets eaten at tea time. They are for breakfast and they are very different than an English muffin, even though they might look similar.

Chowhound explains…

My love for crumpets is deep. They are spongey, yummy, seem to be a close cousin to a delicious American pancake and there are lots of holes on top to soak up butter (my favorite topping), or peanut butter (if I am feeling a little dangerous that day). You really never can have enough.



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12 responses to “my favourite things #6

  1. Hi. I’m loving your favorite things posts.

  2. Shaun

    Hmmm. Long time since I had a crumpet, but never for breakfast. At the earliest with soup for lunch, more of a supper snack.

    And I have to tell you with a heavy heart, putting peanut butter on a crumpet is a level of heresy which can lead to your visa being revoked and deportation.

    I do wonder if you might find pancakes to your taste in Scotland. I’m not expert on Scottish cuisine, but I think their tradition of pancake making is far removed from crepes.

  3. Shaun

    I forgot to add, your post did make me crave a crumpet, and sadly we don’t have any in.

  4. I love crumpets any time of day!! they are fantastic, but there is definitely a risk of putting proportionately more butter on each subsequent crumpet!

    Peanut butter on a crumpet – ewwww! No way – I can’t even imagine that, LOL.

    However, what you might actually like over here is ‘drop scones’ which I believe are more like fat american-style pancakes.

  5. I forgot to say that ‘drop scones’ are also calle ‘scotch pancakes’ as Shaun mentioned 🙂

  6. yael

    Shaun and Normal in London, good to hear your feedback. I believe you about crumpets any time of day… but at my firm where there must be 3,000 British people milling about, the canteen only offers crumpets in the morning. Not sure what that’s about. They also offer peanut butter, so I am guessing that is for the 3 Americans in the building. Yum!

    I do always see Scotch pancakes at Waitrose. I just think I need to try them homemade first!

  7. Sarah

    Finally found those bad boys in NYC no thanks to Whole Foods. Yay Zabar’s!

  8. DM

    Ding dong. I’m missing out on these. I wonder where the best spot in London is to get them…

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