my favourite things #5

This show will only be my favourite thing for five minutes, but this blog is nothing if not up-to-the minute breaking news. Also, it’s never that.

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

is a show on tv here. Frankly, the UK has good shows. But we would barely know it because we never turn our tv on. Sometimes I lie at work when people are asking me if I have seen the latest hilarious commercial for something. But they probably say “advert”. Whatever. Anyway, Bryan’s colleague at work knows me so well, she alerted us to this show.

So My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is a “documentary” about Traveller communities in UK and Ireland- and specifically their weddings and First Communions. I will let you wikipedia Travellers, if you don’t know what they are. But think white people gypsies. It turns out (who knew) that these communities culturally value the wedding as the biggest day in a girl’s life (and it is girl- she is often 17 years-old or around that) and then First Communion as a prep for her wedding.

So why the tv show? Because of the wedding dresses and First Communion dresses. And if you ask me, for the way the girls seriously bump, grind and gyrate at these events wearing next to nothing – even at the tenderest of ages. This show makes Toddlers and Tiaras in the US look like a competition to enter a convent. And one question never answered: how do these Traveller people pay for the dresses?

Who cares. When I get married again, there will be battery packs involved in my ensemble. And LED lights. The show is awesome. And they’re speaking English, but we have to watch it with subtitles. It’s that good.



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11 responses to “my favourite things #5

  1. I just started watching this show and I can’t stop. The dresses, clothes, parties, just everything keeps me watching. I also wondered what they do for work. They say they are self employed but what does that mean exactly. They all drive Range Rovers and Audi’s which also boggles my mind. Crazy “documentary” for sure!

  2. I’m intrigued, given that you call travellers “white people gypsies” – what do you think of as gypsies?

    I bet it was subtitled because they were speaking Romani mixed in with their English. – they don’t usually subtitle shows in the UK just because of an accent.

    Sounds like an interesting show!

    • yael

      I am no ethnologist (is that word?) but I always assumed proper Gypsies (I recognize the ridiculousness of what I just said) were the Roma Gypsies which would descend more from Central and Eastern Europe and well, frankly, are tanner than the Travellers.

      Oh and we actually turned our own subtitles on through the remote- the show doesn’t have them. They’re only speaking English but I need subtitles for Guy Ritchie movies too, if that gives any context.

  3. I love this show. We pay for a UK IP address so we can watch the shows we miss from the UK and I was beyond excited about this one. I asked my husband how they paid for the weddings and his answer was they steal
    Clearly their reputation is not a good one.

  4. I love this show – and I love how moralistic they all are. They are all so strict when it comes to respecting each other and their bodies etc – no sex before marriage etc etc, and yet they all dress like hookers! No wonder they can’t wait too long to get married!

  5. bdppbutch

    Great visuals Yael. A fun way to catch up on the Traveller community is to read Batholomew Gill’s mystery novel: Death of an Irish Tinker. And as Andrea’s husband notes: yes, they steal. There are now bands of Travellers in the US, and they are a crime problem wherever they settle.

    • yael

      I don’t want any Travellers to beat me up or make me become a stowaway in their caravan so I am just going to say I know nothing of what you speak. I am sure they are nice blokes and lasses.

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