my favourite things #4

This exercise has not come a second too soon. It is still freezing in London. I think that I have gone for exactly seven months without ever feeling warm. Your math(s) is correct: that’s since July. This past year London started to get cold in July. But I am not complaining. I am busy thinking of all the things I love here with my whole heart.


has a million things wrong with it but what it has right trumps all. It still makes my mind do a double-take when I call a doctor’s office or just show up, get seen and am sent on my way with advice or a prescription. There is rarely a piece of paper involved. No one stops me at the beginning to fill out and sign ten forms on a clipboard and berates me about whether my insurer is the same since my last visit. At the end, and this is the part that still trips me up, I walk out of the doctor’s office and out the front door of the building. Do not pass Go. Do not stop at reception or billing to pay a copay while some mean, bored receptionist talks on the phone and ignores you. Yes, NHS employees act like government employees are wont to do. But I happily take it.

I have been thinking lately that the term “preexisting condition” must not even enter the general public’s lexicon. Imagine that.



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7 responses to “my favourite things #4

  1. I think it’s so important to spread the word about NHS. And just think, the Brits have NHS without being Socialist! And without living in poverty because of paying all their money in taxes to support it!

  2. Hello – I have been a silent observer on your site for a while and love your posts about London life. I was an American expat in London for a few years and we moved back to the US in October. So we are now in the middle of the adjustment phase and are missing all our favorite UK things – and trying to remember/reconnect with all our favorite US things! As a former NHS employee and frustrated US food shopper, I love these last 2!

    • yael

      Carolyn, hi! Thanks for commenting. I am so anti-silence. Clearly.

      Every time something frustrates me in this country, I always remind myself I would miss it all if it was gone. So I am more careful in the vibes I send out to the universe! I hope your adjustment back in the States is going well and you have visited Target at least 20 times.

  3. toshalot

    Incredible and awesome. I second everything that Renee commented also.

    I’m sorry to hear its unendingly cold there, although I know you’re not complaining. Sending you warm hugs and visions of booze-cruising in the Caribbean, which I’m sure you’ll be doing soon enough after baby #2 is here and passported up 😉

  4. Cold, yes…. I haven’t seen green…how about some brown land, since December 25th!! (except when I was visiting Virginia for 3 days)

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