my favourite things #3

Every single thing about

the cinema

except for the popcorn.

I like, no LOVE

that you pick your seat in advance and it is reserved just for you

the time listed for a film is the time the commercials and previews start, not the film itself

that it’s called cinema and film

you can order wine or a beer, along with your snacks. Often there is a beautiful lounge inside the theatre

bathrooms are usually in each separate theatre so you never have to go very far

you can get in by showing the confirmation number on your mobile phone

people sometimes clap at the end

For all this I will accept that my popcorn choices are salty or sweet. And that butter never finds its way into the equation.



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3 responses to “my favourite things #3

  1. It sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy the latest Ashton Kutcher “film.” I hear that there’s a theater in Jersey that serves a sit down dinner during the movie. It’s like watching tv while you eat dinner, just like the Reagans.

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