2011 baby interlude cont’d

I am further interrupting My Favourite Things series to show off more of a favorite thing (see, no “u”- that is important) that is BABIES.

These little bunnies started off The Year of The Rabbit with a bang… both on January 17.

Nathaniel “Nate” Daniel was born in New York City to a fab mommy and daddy and most importantly, an awesome older brother who already loves him so much, he used to try and feed him pretzels when he was in his mama’s belly.

Maxwell “Max” Emerson was born in Denver, Colorado to first-time parents who are no doubt over the moon along with all the extended family who get their first grandson and nephew.

I can’t wait to meet them both. I loves me some baby boys.

And although he was born in The Year of the Tiger, I have to mention Isaac again. Not his bris from two weekends ago – my blog is classy, as you know, and we don’t do foreskin – but we had a post-baby baby shower for him and his mama just this past weekend. We did it as a tea and what was so great was that all the guests were Americans, so there was no pressure on how the tea was brewed, or what kind and no pressure on what order I put the clotted cream and jam on my scone. And the tea sandwiches didn’t turn out so bad. In fact, they were kind of delicious. But most important was Faye looked like the gorgeous mama she is and Isaac seemed to enjoy the company. Isaac, sleep for mommy and daddy! They are going to be buying you an iPad22 one day!



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3 responses to “2011 baby interlude cont’d

  1. toshalot

    Such sweetness. And the sandwiches look damn good 🙂

  2. Marlene

    look at your cute little bump! 🙂

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