baby procrastination

(I have some favourite things gestating, but this is much more favoriter.)

TWINS! Who still has twins naturally?! Awesome people do.

Baby Girls A and B (their parents have to share their names before I can!) were born Sunday in Virginia to some of my favoritest people on Planet Earth (apparently there are some aliens I like better). They are healthy and beautiful and perfect and will obviously be best friends for life, plus they will be looked after by big sister Luisa. I think it would be so great to always share my birthday with my best friend.



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6 responses to “baby procrastination

  1. Freak of Nature

    Congratulations, non-aliens! Are they identical? Because if they’re not, they’re not really twins, just sisters born at the same time. Twins are weird.

  2. Pleban

    I have a brother “born at the same time” as me (using freak’s classifier above)……. and sharing birthdays, graduations, sick days, snow days, cribs, bedrooms, clothes, etc etc etc with him is the ultimate blessing of my life.

    I almost feel bad for people who aren’t twins!

  3. Mar

    Yay for twins! Congrats to S and S. (not sure if they are remaining anonymous on purpose).

  4. yael

    You know what, you’re both named Brian! Fight, fight…

    So Freak of Nature Brian, I agree with Fraternal twin Brian, especially as I grew up with fraternal twins as besties. I think if you have to always share a room and your stuff and teachers confuse your names even though you don’t look alike, then you should get all the good credit in the world for being twins.

    The only weird twins are the ones that play tricks on people and pretend they are their sibling, achem. This is my fave:

  5. toshalot

    Congrats to S & S! Can’t wait to hear what they’ve named their beautiful new little additions 🙂

  6. mira

    twins are the uber-bomb. so happy to welcome these twins. may they forever get their own birthday cards, not one addressed to both of them, so they don’t have to fight over whose card it really is. and may they forever know the blessing of being a twin.

    a twin

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