my favourite things #2

England, inexplicably, has a food culture ahead of the U.S.

There are stricter regulations on where meat comes from, labeling, organic and free-range and a lack of an abundance of scary chemicals in processed food. The aforementioned seems to co-exist nicely, believe it or not, with the repulsively unhealthy beloved homegrown dishes. Bacon butty, anyone? Me neither.

There is such a desire for things to be free-range, that the following brings a smile to my face every time I pass it in Regent’s Park:

I always like to imagine an actual sausage, with spindly cartoon legs and arms outstretched, running joyfully through colorfully flowered valleys and over green hills, skipping, twirling and practically sing-songing with exuberance from the depths of its sausage heart.

I am no grammar expert, but I am pretty sure the term free-range has to apply to the type of meat, not the after-product. But then, that wouldn’t be as much fun.



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7 responses to “my favourite things #2

  1. Sonya Ledanski Hyde

    I was reading this post at 3:30am while nursing a teething baby (congrats, by the way!) and couldn’t get the image of that free-range cartoon sausage out of my head. In my world, he was chasing me while I was chasing sleep. Very bizarre.

    On a side note, when I first saw the titles of these two posts I figured it was Yael’s answer to Oprah’s favorite things: “Everybody-gets-free-range-saaaaaauuuuuuuuusage!”

    • yael

      Oh that would be so awesome (not the chasing you-part). In England, Oprah would have to give away electric tea kettles, wellies and totally average customer service.

  2. Ooo, I love The Honest Sausage – their sausage butties are second to none! (Not cheap tho!)

  3. Jac

    That sign’s always made me laugh but, even better, for many years could Sainsbury’s sold “Outdoor Reared Pork Sausages”. Well, you don’t need to work on the joyous imagery do you? Then, alas, someone got the joke. Now the pacakging refers to outdoor raised pigs.

    BTW, “shan’t” and “whilst” are good. But it’s no less quaint than Americans saying “oftentimes”. In England, the only person you’ll ever hear say that is an actor playing Banquo. And he was a Scot!

  4. Adrian Adonis

    Whilst I love caged pigs, I shan’t ever eat a non free-range sausage again.

  5. sonjey

    A.A…… You crack me up!!!!! Hope everyone knows what that means!

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