holiday pics

How’s that for a blog post title? I was pretty pleased, too.

The holidays started out with some major travel chaos, Britain reverting to third-world status and then our ensuing ten days in Virginia switching houses, sinus cold and bed bug-ridden, sleep-deprived and arguing. When we landed back in London late at night before returning to work in mere hours, we realized we wouldn’t feel normal again until the coming weekend when we could sleep and have a conversation not involving an argument.

And of course- I wouldn’t have had it any other way (well, I would subtract the bed bugs). We are incredibly lucky to have the families we do and the friends we have and now the photos of our Christmas and New Year’s make me happy to look at because they are proof we had a wonderful love-filled time of it all. We had all of our families in one geographic region- a feat only accomplished once before when we married. And Jonah was beyond loved by his grandparents and aunts and uncles- his greatest fans too.

Plus, we know everything bad while/whilst traveling that happens to us is our own fault anyway because we decided to live in London.

My mom and stepdad’s for Christmas Eve Eve

My dad and stepmom’s for Christmas Eve and Christmas

Bryan’s family visited from NY and Fla and we all convened for fun times

My MIL and I have a fondness for dressing Jonah and his cousins as triplets. I don’t think we have ever once gotten a successful photo of the three of them. Except this is their future album cover.

Someone is always crying or disagreeable.

Or picking their nose. Sometimes one is crying and one is picking their nose.

High school friends baby meet-up “Babies on the Couch”

College friends baby meet-up + “Babies on the Couch”

New Year’s with Bryan’s high school friends on the Eastern Shore in Maryland (including a “Babies on the Couch”). Check out the rad tees Ro made the kiddies. I can’t wait until Jonah gets in to beer pong.

We got to see J’s Aunt Janelle just after the new year. She painted us a lovely whale painting for the little man. And her team beat my bro’s team.

Which reminds me, how about those Jets! Bryan had a scary homage going on in our bedroom that involved him draping all of his Jets clothing and paraphernalia all over the furniture so that we were surrounded while we slept. Fingers crossed he doesn’t scare me further in the next few weeks.



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3 responses to “holiday pics

  1. Ah, the world would be a different place, indeed, if all children were loved (and cared for) as much. Somebody should do a coffee table book called “Babies on the Couch.” It would be hilarious. I am looking forward to all the years ahead, seeing photos of The Triplets (Quadruplets? Quintuplets?). Maybe by high school, they will all settle down, but then it won’t be nearly as cute. Holidays are crazy, nutty, sometimes out-of-body experiences. But they are one of the markers of our lives.

  2. toshalot

    Ooooooh. I like Nene’s idea of a coffee book titled “Babies on a Couch”. One of you should totally do that!

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