new year of the baby

Our laptop is fixed and so many, many pics are coming to illustrate the United States xmas and new year’s we had. You can take the weekend to get excited about that.

Lots of the pics from our holidays are of babies of high school and college friends. So in the meantime, we might as well kick off a new Year of the Baby. For us, it’s our own gestating one that we are most excited about. But I still have lots of baby love left for the other ones I know are on the way. And chronicled they will be.

This reminds me… I love the trend of Christmas cards with only people’s kids on the front as much as the next person. I partake in the trend myself. And it’s always a nice reminder of the little super awesome rugrats we know.

But sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever go back to a time of folded cards, handwritten messages, photos of the parents or snowmen and doves and crap. And then I get nostalgic for all that. Weird, huh?

We can’t start off the new Year of the Baby without truly the last baby from 2010’s Year of the Baby. And this one is one of my faves because I actually get to hang out with him in person. Isaac Benjamin was born Christmas Eve to a momma that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, so it’s all good. Isaac is devastatingly handsome, sweet, perfect and adoringly loved. I am going to teach him about day vs. night and Jonah is going to try to be gentle when he pats him way too hard.


P.S. Happy birthday, Dad! You’re not a baby but you still get a shout-out. Actually, you’re a little bit of a baby when I turn the heat up in the car. Love you.



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2 responses to “new year of the baby

  1. What a simply, beautiful little baby…….. I almost forgot how little they can be, but then………………….June will be here before you know it!!

  2. BDPP Butch

    Just trying to toughen you up honey. Sorry you couldn’t stay longer here in Fredericksburg, but it was a relief to turn off the heat until the next guests arrive.

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