some major crimbo

Is it so British to call Christmas “Crimbo”? I don’t know but it’s awesome. I get so tired of writing “xmas” and can’t often bring myself to write “Christmas”. Maybe because the holiday I celebrate is the crazy whacked-out commercial one with sparkly things and parties and good moods and department stores and and family times and not necessarily the one with nativity scenes and church. Crimbo it is. And fairy lights.

So hi. Where’ve you been all my life?

Let’s catch up. Last weekend we got our Crimbo on. Friday night Juliet and Alistair had an “Ugly Christmas Sweater (Jumper)” party at their hopelessly hip East London flat. (The flat is called “The Recording Studio. No joke.) But first we had to find ugly sweaters. A task much more difficult in London than in the whole of the US of A. People here maybe don’t love ugly xmas sweaters as much. I have never longed for a Wal-Mart so badly. Trish and I must have gone into 15 different stores in search of something, anything. I scoured ebay for weeks and most of the good ones had to be shipped from the US! So she and I had to give up and go as not-at-all-sexy Santas. Bryan though scored an ebay gem. Some other people made some good vintage market finds and others broke out some felt and glue. All in all a good time.

Then last Saturday we attended our third annual London Santacon. I love Santacon! Ever since discovering it accidentally at Trafalgar Square when we first moved here, we are fans. And I like that this year some of our NYC friends were revelling at their own Santacon. Simultaneous good cheer. I seriously recommend you all go next year. There is probably one near you.

We followed that with a party hosted by our German friends. And then we collapsed. I will hand it to the English: They. Love. Crimbo. At work alone there have been numerous parties, festive lunches and Secret Santa exchanges. Yesterday Jonah had not one, but two children’s Crimbo parties to attend simultaneously. One at my law firm, which spares no expense. Think dance floor and DJ and bowling and caricaturists and jugglers and arts & crafts and – a new term for me – Scalextrics. Either it’s a British thing or I haven’t been a mum long enough. This coincided with a party at Jonah’s nursery. We got to it late but Jonah still danced along to the book on tape of “The Night Before Christmas”. Yep, he’s got so much rhythm, he dances to spoken-word books. So avant-garde.

Yeah, Crimbo. Crazy fun times. Keep it up. I won’t tell Hanukkah.



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6 responses to “some major crimbo

  1. I’ll have to give the prize to Matt. There is something extrememly disturbing about it.

  2. I think Crimbo comes from Liverpool. I think it is a rather criminal shortening of the word Christmas… like jeggings…. yuck. But then I don’t have a better idea. Whistmas.

  3. duddykravitz

    I just read your post on Adrian Adonis, and found it so funny I just had to write. How I arrived at your site via Adrian Adonis is another story, but your blog is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time………And as we say in our household, “I know funny”.

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