the year of hanukkah / chanukah

with The Dancing Rabbi

I pretty much always think Hanukkah is awesome. It’s fun that it’s 8 nights and that you don’t have to go to any religious house of worship. All growing up, no matter what, my mother made sure there were 8 presents for each of us. And you were allowed to pick which one to open each night. It was always a strategy decision whether to open the ones that were clearly books (based on shape) at the beginning of the 8 days or at the end. Because no matter what anyone says, books are always the second-class gifts. Sorry for speaking the truth.

But for some reason, this year is extra fun Hanukkah time. I think it’s really for two reasons:

1. Latkes.

Faye & David had an awesome Hanukkah party on Sunday and Faye made Smitten Kitchen’s latke recipe. Latkes are always good but these were on point. LATKES. Can we talk about them more? Is there a better food than basically hash browns but more Jewishly delicious? No.

2. “Candlelight” youtube video.

Yes, it’s been viral and all over the news and you’ve all seen it 200 times. Well, it’s the last night of Hanukkah, so you should watch it once more. I cannot get the catchy lyrics out of my head. Latkes and dreidels are really having their time to shine, and I like it. I also am sort of crushing on those Yeshiva U guys. Maybe I wanted to be Orthodox… Here is the video and then the Mike Tompkins’ A Cappella version of Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite”, which is ridic in itself. The guy beat boxes every single instrument and layer in the song. I wonder what talent feels like? Also, he’s hot.



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13 responses to “the year of hanukkah / chanukah

  1. I seriously can’t believe you knew which ones were the books. Damn.

  2. I love latkes! I’m not Jewish, although my great-great-grandmother was, but my mom made the best potato pancakes in the whole wide world! I’ll never forget how she would get the hankering to make them late at night with me when I was a kid (I’m sure it was just late for me). Yum. I wonder where she got the recipe.

    And I love that Maccabees version of Dyamite. After I saw it I was singing in my head all day “I throw my latkes in the air sometimes…” too funny! Hope you had a great holiday!

  3. Adrian Adonis

    It was also easy to tell which gifts had the (lame) socks, underwear and undershirts in them. The 8th night was always such a downer. I’m starting a movement to shorten Hanukkah to 4 nights so all the gifts rule.

  4. Marlene

    I have fond memories of your mom coming to school and talking about Hanukkah and feeding us latkes! Yum!

  5. Jeremy

    Weird. I only give books (or magazine subscriptions) as gifts and I love receiving socks and books in return. Absolute truth.

    • yael

      Your comment is so you and so dorky. I also feel the need to add that it was the 3,000th comment on this blog. I meant to keep track and sound a drum roll and award a prize. But then it passed me right by. Oops. I owe you some socks.

  6. poren

    Agreed! This WAS the best Chanukah ever.  Those Jews really got it right with the latke. I mean who invented those things??? We have Einstein AND that guy!!! 

  7. sonjey

    This little shisksa (sp?) always made those latkes and we did the holiday proud!! I hope I didn’t confuse you by leaving stockings at the end of your bed on xmas morning!!!!

  8. poren

    Sonjey, i bet your latkes are awesome. This little Jew somehow has a giant chrismas tree with a giant cross on it in the middle of my living room. There is nothing not awesome about the holidays:)

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