more thanks

(T-shirt by NeNe. Belly by Jonah.)

Bryan’s dad, Jonah’s Poppy, left yesterday . But not before packing a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration that continued for days.

We made the full meal from scratch on Thursday. And this was after both Bryan and I worked 1/2 days, both had dentist appointments and my mom came in off a red-eye. Luckily the menu is an easy one to figure out. But I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t a little bit impressed with ourselves.

On Saturday Oxford and Regent’s Streets, supposedly the world’s busiest shopping corridor, was closed to traffic for the once-a-year Christmas VIP shopping even sponsored by American Express. Jonah loved the rides and the elves and the balloons and the rest of us loved the free bags. A “news” crew loved Jonah’s hat and so they wanted to interview Bryan and him for the jumbo tv screens in the street. Bryan was pretty pleased with himself and waxed on about his credit card usage. Good times.

That night Sarah and Andrea hosted a beautiful Thanksgiving meal for 14 of us. It has become an annual tradition in London, as I am sure all ex-pats experience. The criteria was each couple invited had to have one American or person with a strong American connection. The food was beyond delicious and the night was lovely. I appreciate more and more these uniquely American holidays living abroad. I brought pumpkin and apple pies to work on Thursday and for the next hour people were emailing me and stopping into my office to ask questions about Thanksgiving. “Is it like our Christmas?” “Is it right to say Happy Thanksgiving?” “Why do you celebrate it?” And seriously, everyone knows about it because of TV. Thank goodness for all those Friends Thanksgiving episodes.

Now my Mom begins her days of taking care of Jonah one-on-one. It is a happy thought of those two buddies taking London. Equally happy, and stay tuned: my mom is now making Wills and Kate cuff bracelets. I am sort of cutting edge because I already have one. If you want to get in on the trend we’re launching, let me know.

Oh, one more happy thing. My mom cleans our flat!



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2 responses to “more thanks

  1. sonjey

    Loved the shirt, the hats, all the people involved. Looks like you all had a wonderful holiday….. Now…. Renee………when are you coming to stay with me? We don’t need any babysitting, but I could sure use a good meal and some house cleaning!!!!

  2. Virginia

    Love the t-shirt NeNe! Enjoy your time with your buddy.

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