the royal wedding

I am ending my silence on the matter: Yes, I am very excited Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged.

For years I have tried to be coolly disinterested in their goings-on. But it never really worked. Kate is beautiful and fashionable and somehow comes across as neither a snooty beatch, a trophy or a gold digger. Who knows what will be, but for now I am supporting this engagement for the following reasons:

  • Because I like the way Kate dresses. Ladies of America, we have GOT to start doing the hat thing.
  • Because even though it looks like William is marrying up (sorry, Wills), I get the impression these two actually like one another. Case in point was their jokey manner during their announcement of the engagement during a tv interview.
  • They got to date and evolve in more of a normal way- all those uni hijinks and real friends and being roomies.
  • Because I hope the press grants Kate’s”commoner” parents a reprieve but first I wish someone would tell me why it is so gauche apparently to say the word “pardon” in front of The Queen. Lame.
  • Because the betting houses have been waiting for this for years. And now instead we can all play the odds on what designer Kate will wear on the day, and the actual date of the wedding.
  • Because it’s cool it’s Diana’s ring.
  • Because I remember when Di and Charles got married and even though Royalty is a bizarre and semi-useless concept now, we all deserve to be momentarily taken away by something fantasy-like. And Chelsea marrying Marc didn’t cut it. Even remotely.
  • Also, I had Di and Charles wedding paper dolls. Remember paper dolls? Do girls still play with them or do they go right from teething rings to an iPad? I have lost track.
  • I think it will be exciting in London as it gets closer.
  • Supposedly we’re all getting the day off work. WE BETTER.


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10 responses to “the royal wedding

  1. Teresa

    I have been waiting for your comment as I thought you would have something insiderish to say. Thank you. I feel more informed. My neices read books on a Kindle, I am not sure they are aware of paper dolls, or paper for that matter.

  2. Tina P.

    So you are okay with my pre-ordering the commemorative wedding plate? Seriously, I am beside myself.

  3. I’m thinking that this wedding will be a Full Tilt Boogie Frenzy. But it will be building up steadily till then. I think Kate is great looking and I think they are a great match and I love that they waited so long. When I am there, I need to stock up on wedding memorabilia for my Kate and Wills meditation room at home.

  4. Adrian Adonis

    The fact that this country will probably get a day off is both sad and exciting. Sad for the state of the UK Economy (Ron, help me out here), but exciting in that it means I can finally sleep in while Yael takes Jonah to St. Paul’s.

  5. Interesting Article, i can’t help feel that this engagement/wedding/relationship has been very very planned from the word go.

  6. sonjey

    I plan on popping over to London when it happens… Oh… I wonder if the fares will go up!….I believe I woke up at 3 or 4 a.m. to watch Diana and Charles……. This time, I want to be there!

  7. Elizabeth

    I’ve become mini-obsessed. I found the engagement interview on YouTube. I think it looks like she’s head over heels for him. It’s sweet.

  8. yael

    All, you are my peeps for the wedding countdown. Stay tuned. For now, my mom has alerted me to this:

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