very important decision

A lot of you readers are just dead weight. Let’s be honest. You don’t comment, you don’t send me candy corn, you don’t correct my spelling/grammar errors. You don’t alert me to breaking entertainment news.

Today is your day of redemption. I have a very important decision to make. My sister-in-law has worked her crazy internet jujitsu and found the old tube map image that was the banner on this blog for 2 1/2 years.

When I tried to guess a few days ago, I came up with as close a replica as possible from memory.

Now that I compare the two, I am torn. My new image represents a complete display of the Circle Line, which is very symbolic for me because it somewhat demarcates “central London” from the rest of massive London. And the life of my family here very much takes place for the most part within- which is a feat. However, the old map (where I inadvertently cut off part of the Circle Line- what did I know then?) shows the London tube system as it was the day we moved, before track and line changes including diverting part of the Circle Line, before Blackfriars was under construction etc. The old image was haphazard in a way, since I probably hadn’t even been on the tube when I uploaded it. But it was a moment in time that is precious to me.

Never mind, I figured it out. I think. Thanks, Kaci! Now if only I can fix the resolution…

(Eat it, WordPress. Grrr.)



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8 responses to “very important decision

  1. mira

    I realised (the ‘s’ is for you) you left off the question but I think you should go w the newer one bc change is good. Except that I won’t change from hotmail to gmail.

    Many thanks and kind regards. I am, evermore,

  2. Rebecca

    Old one! Change is scary.


  3. sun

    hi yael! we only met for a moment when i came for an interview at your old law firm but you remembered me from law school. i can’t even remember how i found your blog but i have really enjoyed reading about your life in london. i did my study abroad there so i have very fond memories of that city.

    anyway, let me know if you need help with the resolution of the image – it has more to do with the original that you cut it out from. the bigger the image, the cleaner it shrinks.

  4. Virginia

    I say new one…it shows how you all have evolved into Brits during your time in London…oh and its easier to see….

  5. I like knowing the meaning of the two maps for you. I say go with the new one and rejoice in the new Circle Line 🙂

  6. Pleban

    Where can we place a vote for “don’t care”?

  7. yael

    Thanks, everyone (except Pleban). Some more genius techie friends have come out of the woodwork with solutions. Maybe by this weekend it will be “sorted”. Now that’s British!

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