some stuff + cotswolds for the fourth time

Off the bat (yeah, American idiom!) I need to mention that WordPress did me dirty. I got some email saying that my blog design theme would be changed and I could go ahead and change it now, or let it happen by default. I am not a default kind of girl so I changed it. But of course no one told me that the banner photo would disappear. It did. And even though I have looked at this page almost every day for 2 1/2 years, for the life of me I cannot remember what section of the tube map was displayed. So if you are some savant and you remember, let me know. Otherwise, I have re-created above. Boo hoo.

My law school mates are all atwitter over the recent cover story first broken by the NY Post which describes a steamy Diesel photo shoot shot in Brooklyn Law School’s library (you know you want to looky looky here). I know people are upset and I can sort of (only partially) understand. But I studied for hours and days and weeks of my life at those very same tables amidst those very same stacks of books. And these photos depict something more fun than me listening to Iron and Wine on repeat on my iPod while playing with my Friendster page and preparing to get all Bs.

Also, another thing that is not about the Cotswolds: last night at the exact moment the Jets scored a touchdown with only 30 seconds left in overtime to break the tie and win the game against the Cleveland Browns, is the exact moment that Bryan turned into a stark raving mad lunatic sliding back and forth across the floor and interchangeably screaming and laughing maniacally in a high-pitched squeal and awoke Jonah from a deep and much-needed slumber. Not cool, dudes of the world.

So the Cotswolds.

We rented a little cottage house this past weekend in Broadway with our four favorite friends in Marylebone. You might have seen them on this blog once or twice. We all heart the Cotswolds and the area is (theoretically) an easy journey from London. When you live so centrally urban and without a car, those rare weekends “in the country” are much-coveted. Images of a high street of little shops and pubs and winding country lanes and sheep grazing in a field and a fireplace going nonstop burning logs etc is what we were looking for. We got it, mostly, with just a little blood, sweat and tears. Seven of us were very packed in a car on Friday afternoon and hit that terrible escaping-the-city traffic and a ridiculous 3 1/2 hours later (we could have just gone to Wales!) arrived with an unhappy toddler to a cottage surprisingly small. And not all our attempted fires worked. But you know what? The Cotswolds are still movie-backdrop dreamy and we still laughed often and ate copiously. And the view from my bedroom window still looked nothing like central London. Thankfully.

Where else can you happen upon this?

Matt the Baby Whisperer in the pub while David had to do work from an internet cafe (aka a “tea room” with WiFi)

Most Fun Game Ever


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One response to “some stuff + cotswolds for the fourth time

  1. sonjey

    Bryan…. my son…… you should have seen this crazy, screamin, hysterical, laughing, lunatic jumping up and down her kitchen floor… the same moment!
    glad you enjoyed your much needed getaway…

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