I guess the blog was in mourning for a couple days. You know why.

Back to Swede- a wonderful homonym for today’s post. Sometimes, I amaze even myself.  I’ll let you ponder who I amaze the rest of the time.

Recently Jonah and I went with Faye to The Baby Show in London. One of the highlights of the day was happening upon the Ella’s Organics booth. I am beyond obsessed with Ella’s baby food. Since I only had a child in England, for a long time I assumed that baby food in easy-to-travel packaging, organic and interesting healthy combinations was the norm. Then when I took Jonah to the States when he was 7 months old, I was corrected. Forget the fact that almost nothing was organic and Gerber baby food containers held food in colors that I didn’t know existed (grey peas, brown butternut squash), it was the glass jars that gave me pause. Glass jars? Really? That’s how far we’ve come in 17,000 years? I breathed a sign of relief for the baby food back on this isle’s shores.

I talked the whole thing up so much that when my father and stepmom were visiting us a few months later, my dad began to seriously consider going into business with me and importing Ella’s to the U.S. We had dollar signs in our eyes. But as it was, Ella’s founder has beat us to the punch and now his products are carried in Babies R Us, Target and elsewhere.

So back to the Baby Show. There I was, admiring Ella’s flavo(u)rs I didn’t even know about…

And look at the minimal waste!

when all of the sudden someone mentions that the man standing there is Ella’s Dad. THE Ella’s Dad that started the Ella’s baby food empire. We started talking about how it’s interesting to import his line of baby food since there are certain kinds Americans just won’t buy, like fish (I could have told him that) or lamb. Not to mention that strawberries, perfect for 4-month olds in the UK, are considered as poisonous as arsenic in the States.

(These are not patriotic.)

Then he said, “we’ll we have to change some of the packaging… Would you, for example, know what a swede was?” RUTABAGA, MOFO. Don’t even eff with me, Ella’s Dad. I am now bilingual.

In further swede news, for days I had been craving Swedish meatballs. That’s just how I roll. And sadly we had no reason to go to Ikea any time soon. And so with a little help from a Jamie Oliver recipe, and my sous chef Bryan, we turned out this deliciousness.

Now, I know for a fact there is at least one Swedish-ish person reading this blog. I did not make lingonberry jam. I sort of forgot, to be honest. And so at the very last-minute we heated up some strawberry jam. I hope that doesn’t get me kicked out of the EU.

Tonight is Guy Fawkes Night, everyone. I don’t know what it means, either.



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15 responses to “swede

  1. When we moved back to the US with our 8 month old I was so upset that we couldn’t get Ella’s here, I actually started emailing with the company about how they should import it to the US, and they told me they were working on it but the US has such strict regulations they didn’t know when it would happen. I was so disappointed, but when I saw it on the shelves earlier this year I was thrilled. I bought some and tried to let my newly turned 2 year old drink it and he wanted no part. But now I know what the next one will be eating!

    • yael

      I can see that… although maybe if it’s in a bowl instead of for drinking? I know because of how it looks, some of my American friends think it’s for drinking. But the genius is that it’s just normal consistency baby food for eating with a spoon- in way better packaging (and better ingredients!).

  2. Adrian Adonis

    It’s also Whisky Friday. I think we all know what that means. Well, at least I do.

  3. Your post reminded me that I forgot to tell you that I saw Ella’s here a couple months ago. That fish pie with mash would have had me screaming into the night if my mom had tried to serve it to me. And I’ll bet the Indian One isn’t buffalo meat and fry bread.

  4. T_Thomas

    Guy Fawkes, or Bonfire, Night marks the detection and thwarting of the Gunpowder Plot, an attempt to stage a coup in 1605 by detonating gunpowder under Parliament during its annual state opening by the king. This would be equivalent to blowing up Congress while the President was addressing both houses. Fawkes was the plotter’s explosives expert.

    The explosives connection is why the day is marked with fireworks and bonfires, and burning a ‘guy’.

    And as an aside, in botany as opposed to linguistics, swedes, turnips and rutabagas are three different species.

  5. AutieFig

    Wait, Americans hate strawberries?!

    • yael

      For the under 1 set, in the U.S., yes’m. You won’t see it in any Stage 1 food. I would Google it for you, but there was too much proof so I got depressed and quit. Here, 4 month-olds happily eat the yummy berries.

  6. Meetballs look yummy. Think I’ll try those. I’m a sucker for Jamie Oliver recipes.

  7. kate

    just bought some ella’s as a result of your blog. you should get paid!

  8. Kasper

    Speaking of Swedes and Lingonberry and Ikea – if you like the lingonberry taste, their concentrated lingonberry juice is very good. What’s even better is if you make it with vodka and sparkling water and add a sprig of mint, it’s a very good “summer-y” drink (I do realize it’s November and you’re in London, but we’re in Miami, where it’s always hot – 80’s today!)

  9. toshalot

    I could google it but is that low waste Ella’s packaging recyclable? It looks like tetrapak to me which i have long struggled to figure out whether or not its recyclable … That’s interesting and sad that there was so little organic baby food here. Good to know that when I defy medical science and have my first child at 57 (oh wait, how old is Travolta’s pregnant wife?) there will be Ella’s available in U.S. Targets.

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