no one mailed me candy corn, but i’m fine, really

Hallowe’en is catching on at an alarmingly fantastic rate in the UK. In many stores and pockets of life, you would think it’s been here all along. In other places, they haven’t yet seen the light. Luckily, we have located the believers.

I hope your holiday weekend is happy and safe. And filled with all the delicious candy corn you did not mail me.

Halloween toddler:

(P.S. If you are lucky enough to be at the Rally to Restore Sanity tomorrow, don’t be stingy with sharing details as you were with candy corn. I am jealous!)



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5 responses to “no one mailed me candy corn, but i’m fine, really

  1. I’ll bring candy corn for Thanksgiving. I’ll get the half price, slightly dented after Halloween special.

  2. sonjey

    Those smiles are delicious…. better than candy corn!

  3. poren

    On route to dc as I type. I will try my best to represent your awesomeness in spirit.
    Candy corn is the best but at least you avoided the terrible candy corn hangover when you reached for one piece and then realize that you have eaten the entire bag save for three little pieces and you are so grossed out and totally nauseas and then you still eat the last three. And since this comment is so long already, omg, I cannot deal with the cuteness of your son in costume!

  4. A friend of mine just posted on Facebook regarding her junior year abroad in Russia several years ago: “Someone in customs helped themselves to the bag of candy corn my mom sent and left only the white tops for me. I didn’t eat them. :)”

    Those costumes are completely adorable!

  5. yael

    Thanks, everyone! I agree candy corn is gross after 5 pieces. But mmm, worth it.

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