more fun than foot and mouth disease

Recently at nursery we were informed there were several cases of hand, foot and mouth disease. You might as well have told me there was an on-site mosquito colony infecting all the children with malaria. But then I was quickly reassured that it is just a little virus in humans. Since they are not cloven-hoofed. Okay, then.

I took Jonah on Friday, and his non-cloven hoofed feet, to get measured for his first pair of big boy shoes. I was trying to be sort of nonchalant but I might have started getting teary and proud a little bit and taking forty pictures on my phone. It turns out I am not alone and Clarks has capitalized on this fact. They took a photo of us in the store, printed it and mounted it for us with a little certificate about his first shoes, plus gave us a height chart. It was a Very Big Deal.

Yesterday we had a beautiful day out at Willows Farm Village less than an hour outside of London. I had this desire this year to do that classic American thing with our son and go “pumpkin picking”. I was nervous that in a country where a love of Halloween is a pretty new state of affairs, this might not be achievable. The farm came through and then some.

Sheep show

A field of pumpkins

Bryan explaining to J the alpaca “birds & bees”

Fun rides

Bouncy stuff

Some new friends, hopefully hand, foot and mouth disease-free



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6 responses to “more fun than foot and mouth disease

  1. Simply fabulous. I want to be that horse.

  2. erica

    So adorable. I love Jonah’s face going down the slide – precious!

  3. Kasper

    That’s a fantastic trip. I love how you guys in London have a more “American-ized” version of pumpkin picking that we do here in Miami. Although it IS Miami, which for all practical purposes is South America, and I don’t think they pick pumpkins in South America (but I don’t know).

  4. sonjey

    They did it right in London….Yea…… but where are the flocks of people?

  5. yael

    There must have been at least 100 families there that day! We were in far out satellite parking. You just don’t see it in my photos- mostly because the farm has done a good job of layout and space and a little bit because crowd shots + a toddler don’t make good photos or situations!

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