Straight out of Miami, little Andrew Riley joined our world yesterday in a perfect fighting weight. I am partial to little boys of course so I already love him to bits. I can’t wait to tell him the story of his parents meeting in Torts class 1L. Andrew, law school was not awesome. But you are.

And then in the wee hours of this morning, Peyton Meredith arrived in Virginia. Peyton, you won the lottery with your great family, happiest of big brothers and it must be said, a mom with super-good taste in blogs!

Now that I can stop and reflect on The Year of the Baby and all the posts so far… I need to know the origin of the universal swaddling blanket we always see in U.S. hospitals. See above. And Above. You know, the one with blue and pink stripes. I can’t find anything on the internets that explains how one blanket got the monopoly. I am sensing a search engine Fail. You want to know too, right? Until someone explains it, at least we know we can buy one.



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5 responses to “bebes

  1. mdouris25

    Oh Andrew Riley – you have no idea about 1L Torts and the crack den your dad used to live in – next to/above the McDonalds. We are all so happy for you guys Jenny and Kasper!

  2. Jenny

    Thanks guys! We are overwhelmed and so happy… And extremely sleep deprived! Xoxo

  3. Jenny

    Wait… $5 for those blankets??? LOL I can’t believe someone actually sells (or buys) them!

  4. A Richmond Girl

    so honored that our little sweetest made your blog! and i have to say, i was thinking the same thing about these dag-gone blankets – WHO, WHO?, is the originator??? oh, and Andrew Riley is a cutey!

  5. Kasper

    Thanks for the mention of Andrew, and for not sharing with the world the way his parents met!!

    Just because the apt had no heat, windows, etc, and was over-run with screaming hobos does not make it a crack den. Well, actually, it does!

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