eating and some other stuff

When it comes to eating, Jonah does NOT play. KnowwhatI’msaying?


When is the food coming?


On Friday night we met a family out for dinner at an Italian restaurant. They are friends of family in Seattle and were nice enough to see us while spending just a couple days in London. Their daughter, Aria, is only 3 days older than Jonah, so it seemed an arranged marriage was in order. But Jonah did not have time to court this little girl. You see, he had to finish an entire bowl of penne pasta plus meatballs. And this was dinner #2. Aria had two grapes I think. At one point, Jonah looked like he was considering eating Aria, herself. But skinny girls apparently do not do it for him. Unless possibly smothered in marinara sauce.

Then on Sunday we went to a birthday party for little Adeline who was turning 1.

The party was a wonderful affair with children running everywhere and loads of parents (loads. I am so British.) and homemade treats and balloons and soft play equipment. The denouement of the day was circle time with about 15 children gathered around a multi-colored parachute and a sing-a-long. 14 children were staring and clapping and dancing and shrieking for joy. One child was very busy with a breadstick.

One thing did divert Jonah’s attention away from sustenance: the ball pit. The experience was only almost-ruined by the following conversation between Jonah’s parents:

The mom breaks out into a big grin when she sees the ball pit and helps Jonah jump in to his little heart’s euphoria.


I really, really love this. I hope no one ever destroys the innocence of this for me.


Dad: Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. That thing is disgusting. Those things are disease pits. Covered in urine.

Mom: (while Jonah happily plays in ball pit) Bryan, don’t be ridiculous. Look how much he loves it!

Dad: Ugh. Sick. Jonah, you are sitting in festering rot and disease. Those plastic balls have been in children’s urine. You are sitting in a cesspool of urine.

Mom: (while Jonah happily plays in ball pit) Bryan, you are being OCD insane. How does urine factor into this equation? The kids do not play in here nude. Jonah sits in daycare with 20 other kids every day and they share everything and this is no different.

Dad: Ugh ugg ooch eeg ech uhhhh ew. Jonah, your mom wants you to play in a sea of germs. You probably have the Bubonic Plague now.

Mom ignoring Dad and pretending in front of the other parents they are not married. It helps that Jonah only looks like her side of the family.

Dad: Sick and disgusting. Jonah, your mom wants you to get cholera and dysentery.


What kind of selfish individual tries to steal my youth from me?


After the party we stopped at a lovely Turkish place for some early dinner. I didn’t even realize it, because it’s so second nature to me, but I had Jonah standing on the seat in front of me while I was giving him some of our mezze and entrees. Little did we know that watching Jonah eat the food made him a celebrity amongst the chefs and wait staff. All of the sudden, they were coming up to us asking if they could bring him into the kitchen and then later free dishes on the house kept arriving at our table: falafel, cheese and spinach in filo dough, a bowl of rice and rice pudding with coconut ice cream. All because of the awesome sight of a 16 month-old ingesting from two fists his weight in Turkish food.

These two delightful days with our little love were sandwiched around out first ever night away from Jonah, both of us. Bryan has been away from him before on business, pleasure (tee hee) and times when I have traveled to the U.S. ahead him. But this was a big first for me.

Saturday we headed for the night to a little spa hotel in lovely Surrey, near Windsor Palace. The plan was to hit the spa for some massages, get room service, dine out, and watch a lot of Mad Men. We did all that. But I also thought we would sleep in and sleep restfully the rare night without hearing the baby monitor sounds or little squeaks. I didn’t sleep well though. I am sure it was just the bed.

Jonah was left in the hands of our four friends: Matt, Trish, Faye and David. They truly love J like he is family to them and they get so excited for the opportunity to hang out with him. We know how much they played with him, how much they loved on him and how safe and happy he was. When we came home, three of them were in Jonah’s room giddily watching him wake up from a nap. Awwww. Thanks to the max, dear friends.

And to our favorite little non-eater: Happy 4th Birthday yesterday, nephew Aidan!



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13 responses to “eating and some other stuff

  1. When I was a baby, my parents were working in Turkey. I had white blond hair. They tell stories of eating at restaurants and the waitstaff fawning over me. Apparently on more than one occasion, I was taken off into the kitchen, returned to my parents after they had finished eating and they were told “The baby, she has eaten.” They had no idea WHAT I had eaten, but I was never sick . . .

  2. Rebecca

    I’m so with you on the ball pit- an extremely important part of one’s childhood. The germs are good for the immune system. Or something like that. Love that Jonah eats Turkish food. And appaeently any and all food in sight.

  3. That story about the Turkish restaurant was so Josh. The same thing used to happen to us in the Korean restaurant (or anywhere). They used to take Josh off to the kitchen. The same will happen with Jonah. Just imagine what PC could say about that little field trip, since we all know what restaurant kitchens are like. And love to the A Team of Childcare!

  4. mira aka Couchy Friend

    There are lots of fun things about this post. I love that Jonah is a big time eater. I continue to love your haircut. At this rate my short haircut is soon going to be “long” like yours, because I’m cancelling my hair appointment for tomorrow 😦 I hope it turns out to look like yours till I can get it cut again. I like that Jonah had those 4 fun babysitters. I like that he played in dirty balls. Wait that sounded wrong. I see Bryan’s points but I think dirty balls are good for toddlers. I like that Bryan said Bubonic Plague. I like that you two went away to a spa.

  5. sonjey

    Remember all those expressions you two had before Jonah was born?,,,,Mommy, why does daddy…etc.Daddy, how come mommy always…… etc. Well, Jonah, keep bringing to life the hysterics of your parents……………I LOL at the pic in the pit!

  6. A Richmond Girl

    9 times out of 10 when im online and ethan says ‘what are you laughing at’, my answer is ‘yael’s blog, shes so funny’. and reading this post was no exception to the 9 part of the 9 of 10 thing. you ARE so funny. glad aria didnt get eaten. and bryan knows too many disease names. xo.

  7. toshalot

    that’s awesome that jonah is an ethnic food celebrity. and its so cute that the story reminds renee of josh 😉

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