Happy Columbus Day, U.S.! If you work at a place like I used to work, you didn’t get today off. Boo. But honestly, what is the real point of the holiday?

Bryan has been in San Francisco at a friend’s wedding. I was sorry to miss it of course, but probably not as sorry as I would have been to be on that flight with a toddler. A toddler who, incidentally, turns bright red and inconsolably hysterical when I have the audacity to move the spoon in his bowl of food a millimeter to the right of where it originally was. I’m chalking it up to general fatigue and not a projected lifelong battle with crippling OCD. But yeah, screw that flight.

Luckily I can get a glimpse of the wedding environs compliments of The New York Times. To have your wedding announcement included in The Grey Lady is, as you know, to have arrived as a married couple. We count this couple as our third set of friends to have their wedding mentioned thusly.

For fun, I like to think how mine and Bryan’s announcement would read. All those step-parents and significant others, all those professional changes, those in-state universities. I think it would be pretty awesome.

Not everyone takes such a kind eye to The Times’ wedding announcements. Not this author at least. Although maybe this blogger has had a change of heart since.

And for no reason other than it came up in my Google search:


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  1. So funny (the video, not the description of my grandson exhibiting seriously disturbing anti-social behavior). Remind me to nail the utensils down in December.

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