a HUGE birthday


Tomorrow you turn 30!!

It’s not so much giving me pause that you’re turning 30 as it’s giving me pause that our little nuclear family – the one that we grew up with that involved camping and mini-vans and Ocean City and an Apple Macintosh computer and skateboards and Hamburger Helper and Larry and Buster and additions and a driveway with paved tracks just for tires + grass in the middle and a pool and camp and JMU and Redskins and Hashimoto and Rock Man Scissor Man and GI Joe and car trips and Care Bears and Erol’s and Peoples and Mutt spray-painted and Jenny McCarthy posters and a mustachioed dad and curly-haired mom and Beth El and braces and school plays and mean teachers and blue & gray school colors and Civil War lessons and Korean food and Lyon Village best friends and books and lemonade stands and house renovating and a basement with crickets and Homer and Bart (not the Simpsons) and great neighbors and Giant then Safeway and Garbage Pail Kids and Cub Scouts and awkward hair cuts and most of all, 5 really hilarious, really loving, incredible people – that family now counts its youngest member as 30.

So I guess we’ve all grown up. I am so proud to be your sister. And so proud you’re Jonah’s uncle.





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3 responses to “a HUGE birthday

  1. mira

    Wow. That was like, a lot of my life in that post too. Erols…Peoples…Larry and Buster. Oh the memories.
    Happy Birthday Micah. You have grown from an adorable little young boy who unknowingly let his sister and her friends dress you up on family beach outings for their amusement, to a little boy who cried and cried when Rain broke his heart (I’m still mad at that), to a kind-hearted, compassionate man. There are a lot of great years in between those memories of you, although I do not count the time you mercilessly made fun of me for getting 2nd place in a British soccer tournament among them.
    Cheers on your birthday Micah. xoxo.

  2. I’m teary. How can a heart swell even more than it already has? What wonderful, crazy, outrageous memories. And a memory of me helping Micah’s Key School Montessori class marching in their Halloween outfits to go trick or treating on Wilson Blvd. Me and Micah at the head of the line. Me thinking my heart would burst at the sight of the beautiful little boy by my side. Happy Birthday, Always Baby. Can you send me that photo?

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