Our computer at home is sorta broken. Which is terrifying in some ways, and ridiculous in others. I spent Sunday night finally filling in some details in Jonah’s baby album- 15 months after the fact. It only took lack of internet for me to do something meaningful. And that fact is, you know, not troubling at all.

But back to the internet. So that I don’t overwhelm the delicate unwell position of our laptop, I will refrain from a long post about the zoo this weekend. And don’t lie and act like you didn’t want to hear about the zoo.

Instead, I am going to welcome the spawn of some of our favorite people. And these little offspring are now some of our favorite people too:

Born 4 weeks early, the happiest of surprises, little Samuel Harold on 17 September.

On the 30th of September, Ione Simone was born to her hip Tribeca parents with her hip fabs name.

And on the very same day, in the very same city, John Carlito made the whole world shiny and bright. The reason for the expression: It’s A Boy!

And one more thing. A friend we love is laying on a couch right now. She has been there for a while and it’s for unhappy reasons and she has to stay there longer and she might get even sadder. Where should we tell her to entertain herself on the internets? And don’t say chatroulette.



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7 responses to “beginnings

  1. Jeremy

    Dear Friend on Couch,

    Check out these websites. They’ll cheer you up, for sure.

    (1) The “Between Two Ferns” series (zach galifianakis hosting…). Look at all of the episodes (3 minutes each), but this one might be the best:

    (2) This just never gets old —

    I hope you get off the couch soon!!

  2. Mira aka Friend On The Couch

    I’m honored to get my own shout out on your blog! Thanks for the suggestions, Jeremy 🙂 other things to pass the time: read Yael’s blog; look at photos of cute newborns on said blog; dream of day when I am off couch.
    Couchy Girl

  3. Rebecca

    Couchy Girl:
    1. Play solitaire.
    2. Read the encyclopedia.
    3. Read
    4. Read
    5. Follow weirdos on Twitter
    6. Stalk exes on FB
    7. File your nails.
    8. Pluck your eyebrows.
    9. Paint your nails.
    10. Clean the lint out of your bellybutton.
    11. Pick your split ends.
    12. Watch soap operas.
    13. Make a list of everything you’re going to do when you get off the couch.
    14. Call everyone you know.
    15. Email everyone you know.

  4. Carrie in NYC (er, Stamford)

    So — I have to say it. Where is the shout-out for Baby Quinn?!? I went to visit her last week, and she is so tiny and cute. I’m having my own mini in less than two months. ::gasp:: We’re having a little boy; of course, he and Miss Quinn are going to be an item.

  5. DM

    Dear Couchy Girl,

    1. First, request that someone to make you these absurdly good cookies:

    2. Buy all the seasons of the West Wing:

    3. Pick up the latest issues of Saveur, Food & Wine, and Travel & Leisure.

    4. Bookmark some addictive blogs to peruse. For example:

    5. Order some absorbing books. For example:

    The Night Watch by Sarah Waters
    The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst
    Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simpson
    The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley
    The Help by Katheryn Stockett

    6. Situate yourself on the couch with some pillows to prop you up, a blanket and a spare folded near by, and your lap top, phone, remote, and large bottle of water within easy reach. Stack your books, magazines, DVD seasons, and plate of cookies on the coffee table. Keep some easy-to-graze fruit, like grapes or cherries, on hand, as well as a wide variety of take-out menus.

    Don’t feel pressured to get off the couch until you’re ready. Feel better soon, CG!


  6. Welcome to all the sweet additions to the planet and congratulations to all the beaming parents. Couch Girl: These suggestions are fantastic. I can suggest 100 books for you to read. Having been confined to a semi-reclining position for several weeks after my spinal surgery, I would caution you against watching (or ordering anything from) QVC. Especially Hairdini.

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