today’s near brushes with celebrity

My mother, with Jean and Joyce, is one of the featured speakers today at the annual AARP convention in Orlando, Florida.* (Imagine the trouble almost 25,000 Baby Boomers can get into. CRAZYTIME.) They’ve been doing interviews, press conferences and are selling their book. In between wearing tiaras. I am a proud daughter. One fan describes them here.

Our friend Lauren has been in a fabulous show for years now and the fifth season just debuted in New York. (If you’re there, go see Naked in a Fishbowl so you can laugh uproariously, lament your own lack of talent and say you saw the girls before they were world famous.) We saw it back when it was WWTA and it breaks my heart we aren’t nearby anymore. But looky looky- they made this week’s Time Out London!

As a side note, because I web-stalk the women in the show, I am privy to the brilliance of some of their other projects. You need to soak up the hilarity now, before they’re on Daily Show or SNL or lost in the suburbs somewhere. It might even be too late:

Last but most, our boy Jeremy was in the right place at the right time (and is also the unofficial mayor of Brooklyn) and his apartment was used in a recent tv commercial for a bank. And yes, there was a payday involved. I want you to know several things: (a) sometime around 2004 I approved his choice of paint for the accent wall, (b) there is one piece of his own furniture that actually made it into the shoot and (c) if his apartment always looked like this, I would have come over more often between the years 2003-2008. IJS. Check it:

*My dad is quoted, interviewed or featured in some media outlet on such a regular basis, I left his fame out just for today. Next time, dad!



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7 responses to “today’s near brushes with celebrity

  1. Jeremy

    Yael, it’s not too late! The production company left the curtains!!! You, Bry, and Jonah can still swing by. I’m free this weekend….

  2. Hey Momma! You are so sweet for posting us (and for sending us hard copies!!). Mind if I forward your love to the ladies? Miss you!

  3. Today we signed books in the author’s section. The author next to us was the guy who wrote “The Pursuit of Happyness.” But he didn’t have a tiara. Next was Stedman. No tiara on him either. Roy Rogers’ horse Trigger was there. Stuffed. Also Matalin/Carville/Jane Pauley. Not stuffed. Spoke with a PBS producer. Fingers crossed. Many congrats to Lauren and to Jeremy!

  4. toshalot

    Woohoo for all the celebrity friends and family members!

  5. sonjey

    wow, so cool to be a third party to all this celebrity stuff!

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