the current story of my life, in iPhone pics

Okay, this first photo is old, but I forgot it was on my phone. This is Sean. Apparently Sean wears his seat belt in taxi cabs. Wow!

This is our green door. And Jonah. After climbing the Mount Everest of building stairs.

Jonah visiting Daddy at his office.

Got a dark chocolate Kit Kat from the vending machine at work. Saw the flaky white outside and although I instinctively knew the chocolate was probably “bad”, I was starving so I convinced myself and my office mate it was just “cold”. But I took photos anyway so I can complain to NestlĂ© and get a free one.

Why does Freedom have a different cover in the UK?

I am so over the beg bugs hype.

Yesterday at work I got a surprise from Bryan delivered:




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5 responses to “the current story of my life, in iPhone pics

  1. poren

    I don’t know Sean, but I always wear my seatbelt in cabs too. Safety is cool!

    Oh and you paid good money for that kit kat. I fully support your declaring it edible!

  2. Rebecca

    I can’t believe you got a Kindle. That’s awesome. And as a surprise! Bryan is a good husband.
    This post makes me want a Kit-Kat, even though yours was faulty.

  3. Chocolate tends to go like that when it has melted and then rehardened…

  4. Adrian Adonis

    Bryan is indeed a good husband. I agree

  5. sonjey

    hey…. I want a Nook!!!

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