anatomy of a day at nursery

As per Jonah’s daily report:

For my breakfast I had: Toast (x 2). But I wanted Weetabix so I threw my toast away.

For my lunch I had: veg curry and rice (x 2) apple & raisin bake (x 2)

For my tea I had: biscuit (x 2 1/2)

Today I did water play. I got really wet because I picked up a sponge and squeezed it all over myself. I liked that part.


  1. Threw food at the staff
  2. Demanded seconds of food
  3. Demanded seconds of food
  4. Demanded seconds plus an extra half of food
  5. Poured water on myself

He’s my favorite.



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7 responses to “anatomy of a day at nursery

  1. trish

    That is the cutest thing EVER.

  2. mira

    sounds like a pretty awesome day…keep up the good work jonah!

  3. LMAO – you might almost have worked in a daycare center, you can read between the lines so well!

  4. Jacques Hughes

    But one, urgent, question remains: what about his poo?

  5. yael

    I agree the question about poo is urgent. Loyal blog readers will be the first to know.

  6. toshalot

    I love how international your daycare is. Curry at lunch? I never even tried curry until I was out of the house and in my 20’s. And only one “S” for soiled is circled on his sheet. That’s good, right 😉

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