pretty religious

Our weekend was filled with more religion than usual.

We had tickets (yes, tickets. Ask your nearest Jew for an explanation) for the Yom Kippur tot service through one of the congregations in London. I didn’t know what to expect but I knew one hour geared towards the under-5 set sounded better than an entire somber day in temple repenting with a grumbling stomach.

And then the tot service delivered. Songs, stories, adorable kids, stuffed Torahs (really)… all culminating in some of the children acting out the story of Jonah and the Whale. Jonah kept looking around every time he heard his name.

On our way there, Faye & David surprised Jonah with his first ever yarmulke/kippah!

On the same day, the Pope was in London. Tying up traffic within miles of Hyde Park and extolling the virtues of morality to his flock and believers. It’s always fascinating for me to imagine larger-than-life figures caught in the minutiae attendant with travel. Does he go through security at the airport? Does he have a Passport photo? Would he ever, like me, in a moment of weak desperation buy and eat an entire large bag of cheese balls from Tesco?

On Sunday, we capped off the soul-cleansing by going to the celebration of the christening of a 15-month old little girl we know. It turns out in London, and elsewhere, it’s very common to get one’s child christened at a church solely so they can eventually get into the connected school. I’m not qualified to explain the difference between private, public and state school in the UK but suffice to say that it is incomprehensible to Americans and expensive. But school uniforms are super cute on little kids so I look forward to the day when the U.S. joins the rest of the world there.

Speaking of schooling, I first learned about Waiting for Superman from the Oprah show last week.

Here’s the deal: it’s Oprah’s last season ever. I am going to bring her up a lot. She’s more exciting to me than the Pope. Might as well get started:

  • Jon Stewart was hilarious on her show. I am beyond jealous I won’t be at the Rally to Restore Sanity on 30 October.
  • I wish the Australians would stop complaining she is bringing 300 people to visit.
  • And o.m.g. Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom is the new book club selection! They made up!! Last night I finished my copy smuggled in from the U.S.  Who wants to borrow it?


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7 responses to “pretty religious

  1. So much to comment on:
    I can’t believe you are offering the book to other people. I thought I was first in line.
    Oprah’s Farewell Season is amazing so far. Every single day. But I wish they had continued the Angel Network until the last day.
    “Waiting for Superman” will be one more thing to get me irate about, along with the war, the factory farm system, the irresponsibility of oil and coal companies, the t party (I refuse to give it caps), food manufacturers who are poisoning our children, the sluggish way we are responding to environmental disaster, and the political gridlock Congress lives in. I’ll be at the rally.

  2. sonjey

    I’m waiting to see the movie….. then I will comment. My faculty is all abuzz about it…….

  3. mdouris25

    I still wish I had been at W&M at the same time as Jon Stewart. I’m convinced we would have married. I wish I could justify flying to DC for that weekend …

    And your mom and my mom could be best friends. I just got an email from her ranting about many a similar thing as those in your Mom’s list.

    And I bought Freedom at the airport last night. I was totally going to fed ex it to you when I was done. glad to see you got your fix in beforehand.

  4. Sarah

    These pics of Jonah in his suit are ridiculous. Quinn would like to get on his dance card.

  5. toshalot

    I don’t know anything about Oprah but Jonah looks damned cute in those pics 😉

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