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10 responses to “MY 500th BLOG POST!

  1. trener

    Thank you for keeping me entertained for 500 days since you moved to London.

  2. summer

    congratulations! the picture made me laugh.

  3. Rebecca

    wow, is this summer’s first blog comment?

    Where can I find that cupcake?

  4. yael

    Awww, thanks dudes. I made the cupcakes for this specific purpose. Thus reaffirming the message I guess. Hmm.

    And wow, Summer, wow… yes, she has graced my blog with a comment. Totally worth all 500 posts. Totes.

  5. Baking for a blog post… that’s dedication. Delicious, delicious dedication. 500 posts – that’s impressive. I should reach that number in about… carry the 4… half past the monkey’s ass. Wait – that can’t be right…
    Thanks also for the inclusion on your “Shameless Promotion” wall… I will take any and all kinds of promotion.


  6. Congrats!!!! Keep them coming b/c they are so enjoyable to read. =)

  7. DM

    Congratulations!! Keep at it please!

  8. A Richmond Girl

    Don’t ever stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. MissChicago

    Congratulations! 🙂

  10. toshalot

    Awesome. I am glad you took the time to bake and decorate these 😉

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