revis island

And so it begins. (American) Football season. All the die-hard men in my life have sprung to. My brother Micah driving hundreds of miles for Redskins opening day at FedEx field. My husband waking up at 5am to watch the Jets game on DVR.

And me? I should get props for enduring multiple fantasy drafts this year and an entire season of Hard Knocks. Although I’ll admit: Rex Ryan is awesome.

We talk about free will as a good thing and yet in this context, obviously, Jonah has none. As it should be. Opening day for the Jets in the NEW Meadowlands. Monday Night Football. Season tickets still in the family. Bring it, boyz. Mamma needs some peace around here.

P.S. And how about my alma mater JMU felling a Division 1 team! Go Dukes.

P.P.S. How awesome is Sarah to send us these Jets silly bandz! And just days before giving birth. The gift is a reminder that for now, my child has no concept of a fad. I’m going to enjoy it.

P.P.P.S. You all have given me tv recommendations over the years. But not one of you told me that Eastbound and Down could become my new favorite hilariousest one. Shame on you.



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8 responses to “revis island

  1. Adrian Adonis

    Another great start to the year…Jonah, I apologize. You never had a choice/chance….

  2. It’s difficult for me to look at such an adorable child in that horrible, horrible shade of green. Jonah, if you can hear me: if you can’t be a Patriots fan, at least don’t be a Jets fan. Stick with Mommy’s ‘Skins, m’kay?


  3. sonjey

    Hey…… the new stadium is awesome! Great choice of PSL’s … that’s my boy!

  4. Adrian Adonis

    As Jonah’s father, and a 30+ year diehard, I have to respond. There is one team less likeable than the Patsies, and that’s the Yankees. If forced to choose between supporting either of those teams and watching re-runs of Alf (in German) all day, I’d choose German Alf or DAS ALF as they say it. Rooting for Bill Belichick is like rooting for Darth Vader to win in Star Wars. It’s just wrong. But I digress. And look forward to this weekend’s match-up…

  5. It’s good to hear there will be no cheering the Yankees in your household – on that we can agree. Growing up where I did (Cape Cod, MA), we were taught from a very early age to blindly hate any and all sports teams from New York, Los Angeles and Montreal out of respect for, and in support of, the Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins, respectively. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to erase nearly two decades of inculcation of that magnitude – goes both ways, I’m sure. Anyway, now that my sports fan psyche is out there, I can say I’m beginning to feel about Rex Ryan they way you feel about Belichick: I don’t like him, and I don’t like his team. But, as a Jets fan, I’m sure you like him fine – he’s your guy. Belichick’s our guy, and we do love him. He’s presided over the greatest stretch of Patriots football ever. With the exceptions of Raymond Berry in ’86 and Parcells in the mid-’90s, Belichick’s the only guy to coach the Pats to a playoff game win, let alone a Super Bowl title. We love him, and we love the Pats. If Rex can duplicate his team’s playoff run from last year, I’m sure Jets Nation will begin to love him the same way. And I’ll hate him a little more – that’s the way it goes. Good luck on Sunday – I’m hoping you’ll need it.

  6. sonjey

    Adrian…. I’m waiting for your response to the “Party”….. On second thought… some things are best left unspoken………………………Go Jets! Last week was just a hiccup!

  7. Eastbound & Down is one of the most underrated shows of all time. Make sure you watch It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. And send me those FNL shows!

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