first and last “blog award”

Thank you to Werica at “Match” Made in NY for awarding me a beautiful blogger award the other day. I AM SO FAMOUS. The rules are:

Thank the person who gave you the award. Done.

Paste the award on your blog. Mmkay.

Link back to the person who gave you the award. Yees.

Share seven interesting things about yourself. FINE.

Nominate up to 7 more beautiful bloggers. Um…

Link the seven bloggers you nominate. Ah…

I am dubious that there might be one fact about myself I have yet to share and also “fabulous” probably does not apply to me, but here goes – 7 fabulous/interesting/unique/embarrassing things about me:

  1. I’ve touched the Dalai Lama and Chris Martin. I am more excited about Chris. Mostly because the Dalai Lama was wearing a weird neon yellow baseball hat. Not cool, Dalai Lama, not cool.
  2. I am afraid of Lasik surgery. Also, I used to feel very smugly self-satisfied that I had such good vision. I am pretty sure that’s why I now have a very strong prescription for contacts.
  3. It’s very hard for me to lie. But I deflect. That’s not lying. Technically.
  4. I never, ever, ever know the lyrics to songs. Even the chorus. Or bridge. Whatever ‘bridge’ means. I just pretend I know lyrics at concerts. If you were a good lipreader, I bet it would be hilarious to watch me.
  5. I used to be convinced I could be a foot model. Oh, children.
  6. I love, love, love to swim but for some reason I get disoriented during flip turns, and on more than one occasion have almost cracked open my skull against the wall. This is the only thing standing in the way between me and the Olympics.
  7. Whoa, this is hard. I hate these lists because I always realize how boring I am. When Bryan goes out of town I always sleep with a steak knife under his pillow. It’s weird to me that I think I could take down an intruder that way. Also, sometimes I worry that if I forget to remove the knife, when Bryan returns home and settles in to bed and cups his arm under his pillow, that might suck for him.

As for awarding 7 beautiful bloggers, I think I will just let you all pick yours.



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5 responses to “first and last “blog award”

  1. You are my favorite beautiful blogger. Of course. After an intruder tried to force himself into my apt at Pa State, my roommate slept with a big butcher knife (no weanie steak knife for her) under her pillow. That scared me way more than the intruder.

  2. The doctors I work with refuse to get Lasik. That tells me something interesting and thus I have new glasses this week.

    • yael

      That actually makes me feel better. I mean, for myself. Not for the millions of people with Lasik.

      Although… have you seen that Twilight Zone episode where there is like some kind of nuclear holocaust on earth and only one man survives because he was inside a bank vault and he is so happy because now he can spend his life reading books and then he sits on a curb and by accident crushes his eyeglasses? It haunts me. Because what if that happens to me? What if I am the only person to survive a nuclear holocaust and I really wish I had gotten Lasik?

  3. Rebecca

    fun! I want 7 more tomorrow.

  4. sonjey

    You are my one and only blogger and I love you…. You make me LOL!

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